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Evan Mock’s New Fashion Brand Wahine Is Inspired By Hawaii

The actor and pro-skater chatted with NYLON about his new clothing line, Gossip Girl, and more.

After the riveting season finale of Gossip Girl in 2021, Evan Mock has since been #bookedandbusy. The pro-skater first rose to fame a few years ago through fashion campaigns and his celeb-studded circle but has since become Hollywood’s breakout heartthrob after making his acting debut in HBO Max’s hit reboot series.

The 25-year-old has quickly exploded onto our radar, often captured with his signature pink buzzcut and his go-to pair of black shades. Between skating through Tompkins Square Park, sitting front-and-center at fashion week, and walking coveted red carpet events, Mock’s fashion résumé is stacked with campaigns for Calvin Klein and Fendi, a Pandora ambassador gig, and a collaboration with RVCA. Now, the Filipino-American “It” Boy has introduced his latest project: a new clothing line called Wahine (pronounced “wah-hee-neh” and named after the native Hawaiian word for “woman” or “wife”).

Teaming up with celebrity stylist Donté McGuine, the duo first started working on the fashion brand last year and officially launched it in May. “The inspiration behind Wahine is my upbringing in Hawaii,” Mock shares with NYLON. “We sourced and referenced a lot of vintage Hawaiian patches, posters, tees, photos, and even postal stamps from Hawaii. It was nice to go through the Hawaiian archives.”

Wahine’s first-ever collection features a slew of styles serving as a tribute to the people of Hawaii and its thriving surf and skate culture. The newly-released drop consists of casual silhouettes, like cropped varsity jackets embroidered with vintage patches, boxy logo T-shirts, and fitted jersey tops. There are also more elevated pieces in the mix as well, including a puffer vest made out of vegan leather, floral zip-up hoodies, and mock-neck shirts with an all-over hibiscus pattern. We also get a glimpse into Mock’s sense of humor, with button-down shirts and hoodies printed with phrases like “MY BOYFRIEND IS OUT OF TOWN’” and “BELOW AVERAGE PROFESSIONAL.”

Ahead, Evan Mock exclusively spoke with NYLON about his new clothing brand Wahine, prepping for Season 2 of Gossip Girl, and more.

Courtesy of Wahine

How would you describe the first collection in 3 words? What energy or vibe did you want the collection to encapsulate?

Our first collection in three words, I would say, is ‘heavy island vibes.’ This collection feels easy-going and relaxing, but with depth, style, and culture.

If you had to choose, what is your favorite item from the collection and how would you personally style it?

My favorite piece in the collection is the ‘Sugar Cane Workwear Jacket.’ It’s such a cool and functional jacket. It has double pockets and custom double ‘Wahine’ zippers — such an everyday jacket. I wear it with a plain tee underneath, double-knee Wahine trousers, and sneakers.

Courtesy of Wahine

Hearing about how Wahine is a tribute to your upbringing in Oahu and community is super inspiring, especially since we don’t get much of a genuine insight into Hawaii in the fashion industry. What are some things you want customers to know through Wahine? What were things you kept in mind about Hawaiian culture while designing?

Oahu is such a great place to grow up. I want customers to experience the culture of Oahu in an authentic way — a narrative told by a native. Throughout the design process, I kept my lifestyle of skating and surfing on the North Shore in mind. A lot of the silhouettes and fabrics you see are tailored to both.

Do you have any favorite phrases or slang from Hawaii that you feel encompasses your brand Wahine?

My favorite phrase from Hawaii is ‘sup you faka,’ just a simple greeting.

Courtesy of Wahine
Courtesy of Wahine

I know you’re currently filming Season 2 of Gossip Girl, which is so exciting! How did you manage to create an entire clothing line with such a busy schedule? Can you give us a hint as to what to expect from this upcoming season?

Yes, I’m currently filming Season 2 of Gossip Girl. It’s a bit challenging at times to fit everything into my daily schedule, but I have a great team behind me, so it makes things a lot easier. This up-and-coming season, prepare for my hair to still be pink! No spoilers, but I will say it’s going to be a great second season.

Are there any other projects in the works you can share with our audience?

As of now, my focus is on acting, skating, and Wahine. Prepare to see more drops from Wahine and collabs down the road!

Courtesy of Wahine
Courtesy of Wahine

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