Courtesy of Margiela x Reebok


Margiela's Tabi Boot Is Getting The Reebok Classic Treatment

And it's coming out very soon.

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If you missed out on the Surprise Tabi Sale of 2021, it's time to wipe those tears. As part of Reebok's ongoing collaboration with Maison Margiela, the duo have announced the release of the upcoming Classic Leather Tabi sneaker, a hybrid shoe combining two iconic styles from both brands, as well as a coordinated split-toe Tabi sock.

Reebok's Classic Leather was originally designed as a running shoe, but the brand overhauled its construction to accommodate the split-toe signature of the Tabi boot. The sneaker comes in black and white, simple enough to go with anything..

The Classic Leather Tabi may come at a more accessible price point at $350, but it's also the more wearable cousin of Reebok x Margiela's precious Tabi collaboration. Back in September, the brands released the Tabi Instapump Fury, a chunky platform sneaker with the split toe that made its debut during Paris Fashion Week in January 2020. It also ranged in price from $1,150 to $1,490.

So, if the Tabi Instapump Fury was out of your price range, or just not your bag, or you've found yourself lusting after Margiela's Tabi boots only to have your bank account tell you it's a firm no, mark you calendars for Feb. 26. The Classic Leather Tabi will launch then on both Reebok and Margiela websites for $300.

Take a closer look at the shoe, below.

Courtesy of Margiela x Reebok
Courtesy of Margiela x Reebok

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