Tips on buying a Telfar shopping bag
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How To Buy The Telfar Shopping Bag Before It Sells Out Again

Here are our expert tips and tricks.

by Shelby Ying Hyde
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There's no denying that Telfar's Shopping Bag is one of the most coveted items on the market right now. The global "It" item has become the main topic of discussion on the internet, seemingly, overnight and the question on everyone's mind is: How can I get my hands on a Telfar bag? In short, you have to be quick to the draw. But luckily, there are a few tips and tricks to making sure you're fully prepared when the restock notification hits your inbox.

To say that the handbag has come a long way since its debut back in 2014 would be a massive understatement. While the brand's loyal fanbase notes that founder and creative director Telfar Clemens' rise to popularity is long overdue, many are simply excited to see the brand become a household name.

New York stylist Bryant Simmons tells NYLON that he started following Telfar in 2018. He first saw the brand's signature Shopping Bag at Opening Ceremony and many of his friends would tote around the small-size version while out for drinks or going dancing.

"My friends who wore [Telfar] are some of the coolest people I've ever met. I also used to think that I wasn't cool enough for the bags," jokes Simmons. (Though he totally is.) "More and more, I would see them often pop up on the street and on social media. It was cool to watch because I felt that the bag made a huge statement. To me it said, 'I'm cool, and I have a [social] life.' I think it has become more and more desirable for customers because of that cool factor, the wide range of colors, and the sizes."

Indeed, the Shopping Bag, which is available in small, medium, and large, has steadily been increasing its colorway offerings, including an exclusive shade of orange with retailer SSENSE and a limited-edition release in a metallic chrome color with the restaurant Mission Chinese Food.

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Like Simmons, many are just happy that Clemens is finally receiving his flowers (or praise) — even if that means being beat out by legions of new shoppers in the restock. However, Telfar's July 23 drop brought a different kind of opponent: bots. The digital tactic is typically reserved for clearing out highly-coveted sneaker launches at lightning speed, to then jack up the prices on the resale market.

This is something that the Telfar team wants no part in. "I think it's well known what we are about and what our bag is about," Clemens told Complex in an interview after the brand's much-talked-about restock. "It means something real not only that we are selling directly, but who we are selling to. That is a powerful form of resilience and community."

While previous restocks have crashed the site, causing the brand to go password-protected at the time, Telfar is giving customers more options to ensure everyone can get their bag (literally). When that day comes, you'll want to be as prepared as possible. Reading one for our best tips, below, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

How To Buy A Telfar Bag Tip #1: Sign Up & Shop The Drops

There's really no way around this one. In order to be in the running for a bag of your own, you have to position yourself as best as possible, which, in this case, includes signing up for the mailing list via Telfar's website to receive email notifications for every drop coming from the brand. We also advise following Telfar on Instagram and even setting your app up to get notifications for every new post or announcement. You’ll always be the first to know when it comes to the next Telfar Shopping Bag that comes out.

How To Buy A Telfar Bag Tip #2: Update Your Email Contact Book With 'Telfar'

Everyone knows that email inboxes are black holes and to prevent newsletters and notifications from getting lost in a sea of spam, add "Telfar" to your contact book. That way, the email will be recognized in your inbox, filtering it through without any delay.

How To Buy A Telfar Bag Tip #3: Have Your Shipping And Payment Info Ready

When the site puts up the next launch for sale, make sure your browser’s autofill is ready to go with all of your personal details. This ensures you don't waste time entering in your shipping address and payment information when the bag you're pining after is finally in stock. (Extra points if you have Apple Pay ready to go with the checkout essentials.) Plus, Telfar has partnered with Klarna so you don’t have to pay for everything all at once. (You’ll pay in four installments instead.) If that option is for you, download the Klarna app and create a One-Time Card, which you’ll then use for the checkout process.

How To Buy A Telfar Bag Tip #4: Keep An Eye On Other Retailers That Sell Telfar Bags

Though many argue that they would prefer to support Telfar directly, that doesn't necessarily mean strictly buying the bag from its e-commerce site. Shopping the totes at retailers like SSENSE, LuisaViaRoma, and Ooga Booga Store helps promote the brand's wholesale business, while also bettering your chances of successfully landing the bag. Plus, resale sites are starting to stock up on Telfar, too, including StockX, The RealReal, Grailed, and more.

How To Buy A Telfar Bag Tip #5: Set Up Google Alerts For Telfar's Stockists

For those who want to go a step further, try setting up Google Alerts for the bag's stockists like a shopping pro. That way you're notified when a bag is available for purchase without the need to check each site every day.

How To Buy A Telfar Bag Tip #6: Try The Telfar Bag Security Program

In effort to make sure everyone has an equal chance to cop their own Telfar, the brand created the Bag Security Program, which, essentially, is a specific time (usually 24 or 36 hours) for anyone to easily pre-order a bag. This was first launched in 2020 and the label occasionally hosts this program from time to time. And while this option will absolutely promise you a bag once you place an order, it will be a good amount of months until you actually receive it. Though, we promise it’s well worth the wait.

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