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Telfar's 24-Hour Pre-Order Program Will Make The Bags Easier To Purchase

"The whole point of our bag is accessibility and community."

At long last, there is some good news in 2020. Telfar has announced a new system for purchasing its sought-after Shopping Bags that will allow anyone and everyone to get their hands on them. The Telfar Bag Security Program is offering the bags in every size and color for an unlimited pre-order on August 19 for only 24 hours for those who'd rather not test their cardiac health during restocks.

The "Bushwick Birkin" has experienced a jolt in popularity over the past few months, with its recent restocks selling out within seconds. This has also resulted in resellers using bots to purchase the bags in bulk in order to flip them for a higher price online, causing the brand to briefly shut down its website while it fished them out.

"Telfar is a Black-owned, non-gendered fashion project established in 2004. The Shopping Bag first dropped in 2014 — meaning: our bag ain't new — it's the world that changed. Let's keep it changing," the brand wrote in an official statement for its pre-order announcement. "We are not about hype and scarcity. We didn't set out to make an impossible to get product. The whole point of our bag is accessibility and community."

It will take slightly longer for those participating in the 24-hour pre-order to get their bags in the mail, however. The bags will be made in response to those orders, meaning they will be delivered sometime between December 15 and January 15, 2021.

"Real talk — we are a small team and trying to stay lean," the brand wrote.

Head to Telfar's website to read all the details about the pre-order on August 19.