Henrik Purienne


Jhené Aiko Is Feeling Herself Again Postbirth In Her First Skims Campaign

The singer-songwriter talks exclusively with NYLON about manifestation, her upcoming arena tour, and more.

by Kevin LeBlanc
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If any brand is going to deliver back-to-back celebrity campaigns, it’s Skims. Kim Kardashian and her creative team know just who to tap and when, like Sabrina Carpenter, Lana Del Rey, Ice Spice... the list is truly endless. Skims campaigns always sit at the intersection of style, culture, and comfort. Their latest recruit is Jhené Aiko, the six-time Grammy-nominated R&B singer whose year has already seen some career highs. She just hit the stage at Coachella (with her daughter, no less) and is about to embark on her first headlining tour in six years, The Magic Hour Tour, which is highly anticipated by ravenous fans despite her last album, Chilombo, coming out four years ago. If that’s not enough, she’s creating more soothing R&B children’s music with Sleep Soul and teasing new music on her Instagram.

Among preparation for a magical summer tour, Aiko was shot by South African photographer Henrik Purienne in Skims’ Cotton Collection, posing in the desert and embracing the simplicity of the tees and briefs with her natural beauty as the only accessory. Working with Aiko is particularly exciting for Kardashian, as she stated in a press release: “Jhené's presence adds a calm yet dynamic layer to the campaign that reflects the comfort and ease of Skims.” Aiko sat down exclusively with NYLON to discuss her Coachella experience, which Skims products she loves, and what she’s manifesting this year.

Henrik Purienne

How was working with Skims and Kim on this campaign?

I had a great time working on this campaign. It was easy breezy. The location was beautiful, and the vibe was super chill. The Skims team made me feel comfortable and confident. Haven given birth a year and a half ago, this shoot was very liberating for me, as I get back to feeling somewhat of myself (lol).

What’s your favorite product from the Skims Cotton Collection?

The Skims Cotton Rib Tank & Cotton Jersey Boy Short was my favorite and made me feel the most comfy. I feel my best when I’m wearing clothes that feel comfortable. T-shirts are a big staple in my day-to-day wardrobe, and I love that with Skims I can feel sexy while still staying comfortable.

The Magic Hour Tour will be your first headlining tour in almost six years. What does it feel like to play arenas again and have your own tour?

Playing my first arena tour is beyond my wildest dreams. I’m excited to hit the road again with my family and spread some good vibes around the country.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Vocal warmups, light workout, hot bath, and prayer are a must. I also like to sit with a framed picture of my late brother and just say “thank you” and ask that he watch over me.

What was it like to share the stage with your daughter at Coachella?

That was an emotional moment for me because she also came out 10 years ago when I performed at Coachella for the first time. It was my favorite part of the night. I couldn’t look at her at first because I would have burst into tears. LOL. Whenever I have my kids by my side, I feel complete.

Henrik Purienne

Is there a stop on your tour you’re most excited for?

I am honestly excited for each and every stop. It’s been so long since I’ve been on the road or traveled in general, so I’m looking forward to the entire journey.

Describe the mood of this tour in three words?

Magical. Healing. All-embracing.

Outside of your solo music, Sleep Soul has been very successful, as has Allel. What’s the secret to managing your busy schedule?

The secret is that my team is also my family, and we are all passionate and believe in the vision. So when things get busy, we sorta thrive in the chaos because we know the ship is sailing, and we’re making it happen.

Is there anything you’re hoping to manifest this year?

I’m hoping to see less judgment in the world. More giving, forgiving, and understanding. More love. I think we are all just different versions of each other, the same entity under different circumstances. There are so many ways we can connect in this day and age, and I would love to see us use things like social media to come together and find our common ground rather than to divide. I’m not sure I can manifest this, but I know I can do my part by loving and working on myself and who I am on the daily. As well as teach my kids how to love themselves and our family and community while finding the beauty and balance in the world around us despite it all.