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Kristen Stewart Was The Only Guest At Chanel's Métiers d'Art Show

Who else would it be?

Chanel's elaborate 2021 Métiers d’Art show looked a little different this year. Due to new COVID-19 restrictions in France, the event took place with only essential personnel present, totaling 301 people in attendance: 300 cast and crew members, and Kristen Stewart.

Stewart, a longtime Chanel muse, watched the event as it was filmed on Tuesday at the Château de Chenonceau in France's Loire Valley. The actor is set to lead the collection's campaign, which was shot by Juergen Teller in his first-ever series of ads for the fashion house.

"I was learning about who's lived here and who's loved this place, and it's shifted hands primarily between women," Stewart told WWD about the runway show's location and Virginie Viard's new collection. "And I was just telling Virginie, it felt like the story was folding in on itself. The women who lived here before were really into art, and promoted a lot of creativity, and loved to be inspired and inspire other people to come create, and I was imagining who our characters were while watching the show. I'm always proud of her, but it felt very personal this time."

Stewart was the chosen Chanel ambassador to have the only front-row seat this time around, and based on Chanel's Instagram account, it looked like she approved.

Check out Chanel's full Métiers d'Art show 2021 spectacle, below.