From Loewe To SSENSE, Fashion Loves A Spelling Bee Right Now

“L, O, silent J.”

Raising brand awareness is one thing; educating the public on how to pronounce a non-English word — much less spell it — correctly is another. And as this reporter can attest to, “Loewe” is one of those names that has long tripped up even the fashion-iest of fashion people — until now.

In a new film release, the Spanish design house has cast Aubrey Plaza and Dan Levy as a hapless contestant and the pronouncer, respectively, of a spelling bee through the ages. As Plaza cycles through ‘70s feathered bangs and ‘80s Miami glam (with an Amazona bag) all the way up to 2024’s car dress, she offers up increasingly imaginative ways of spelling the “Loewe,” including a silent J.

Less than a day earlier, SSENSE hosted its own spelling bee to promote its kids’ collection, in which diminutive, well-dressed competitors sound out “Thom Browne” (can’t forget the last “e”) and “Eckhaus Latta.” “That girl wearing full Collina Strada is giving hyperpop fairy in the best way possible” is offered as a prompt ... to a little girl wearing full Collina Strada and giving hyperpop fairy in the best way possible.

Two’s a trend — and it’s a clever one that literally puts brand names in people’s mouths (and in front of their eyes) and teaches them how to pronounce them correctly. Watch both videos above.