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Tommy Dorfman Gets Ready For Collina Strada's Fall/Winter 2024 Show

Muscles, milk-chocolate-covered pretzels, and absolutely no music.

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It’s barely an hour after the final muscle-bound look stomped down Collina Strada’s Fall/Winter 2024 runway on Feb. 9, and Tommy Dorfman and I already are on the phone having a debrief about the chiseled latex shirts and gourd barbells as she (quietly) crunches on some Trader Joe’s milk-chocolate-covered pretzels. The actress and director of the upcoming movie I Wish You All The Best has had a day of firsts: This is the first time she’s sat in the audience of a Hillary Taymour presentation — she’s walked two seasons — and it’s also the first time she’s taken the train to a fashion show.

Ahead, Dorfman walks NYLON through her DIY hair and makeup looks for the occasion, her “lesbian bride” look, and the drinking game you could play with her upcoming film.

Describe your getting-ready process.

I started getting ready at like 1 p.m. I just got ready at home, it was really chill. Just me and my niece and my partner. It was a little family of three. You’re going to think I’m weird, but I don’t ever listen to music in my house unless I’m working, and then I listen to weird electronic-classical hybrid, synth-y music. And just eating Trader Joe’s snacks — milk-chocolate-covered mini pretzels. I’m eating them now.

Describe your look, including makeup.

Courtesy of Tommy Dorfman

I wore a pink suit with white lace. I would say it was kind of giving lesbian-bride energy. Or like “corporate attorney in Florida advocating for trans youth.” I did my own hair and makeup. It was giving daytime, 3 p.m. I did some Saie concealer and face tint, Westman Atelier blush, Jones Road sparkly stuff all over my eyelids, and Glossier mascara, as always. For hair, I used a Dyson Airwrap and Gisou honey oil. And then on my lips, Makeup by Mario lip plumper in a blush-y pink. I felt really powerful, especially taking the train. I was like, “I’m commuting to work, aka Fashion Week.”

What did you think of the Collina Strada show?

Courtesy of Tommy Dorfman

The last few shows I’ve walked so I haven’t gotten to experience it in that way — so sitting in the audience was incredible. It was really powerful. The tailoring was exceptional. And that latex muscle shirt was so cool. I thought the panties were really cute, and the boxers, the baby outfit. The new way [Taymour is] playing around with ruffles and construction is really special. And I thought the UGG collab 2.0 was really strong.

What were your highlights from the show?

Courtesy of Tommy Dorfman

I brought my “faux niece” with me. She’d never been to a fashion show before and she’s 16, so that was really cool. Ivy Getty was sat with us, she always cracks me up. The music, as usual, was so evocative and smart, bone-chilling at times. Also, I took the train there — I’ve never taken the train to a fashion show before. That’s going to make me sound crazy. It was so nice not to be sitting in New York traffic at Rockefeller Center and just getting off the train. Aaron Rose Philip is my favorite model, and I love seeing her in shows. I love walking, but it’s way more fun to go to shows — and way less time commitment.

How do you feel about being able to bring your niece to her first fashion show?

It was just really special to share this experience with chosen family and real family. It’s always cool to see a fashion show through someone else’s eyes when they’re there for the first time. [“It was a good first show,” Dorfman’s niece says from the background.]

What else are you looking forward to this Fashion Week?

I’m ending my Fashion Week with Coach and maybe Thom Browne. It depends — I might go skiing. I’m just getting ready to go to SXSW so maybe I want to get my skiing in before I go to the festival. I’m there to promote and celebrate my movie I Wish You All The Best. There are some amazing Collina Strada pieces in the movie — a lot actually. I called Hillary, and I was like, “Send me what you got that the kids would wear.” If you wanted to play a drinking game with my movie, it would be Spot The Collina Strada. Depending on what you’re drinking, I would say you’d get somewhere between tipsy and sloshed, but not blackout. I think people call that a brownout. I don’t drink, so I don’t really know the ratio these days.

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