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Naomi Campbell Shot Her Own Magazine Cover On An iPhone

If anyone was up for the challenge, it was Naomi Campbell.

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Fashion brands and magazines have taken a hit during the COVID-19 Crisis, which has, in turn, affected models, editorials, and campaigns. Brands like Jacquemus have tapped people Bella Hadid and Barbie Feira for FaceTime photoshoots, and now Essence is celebrating its 50-year anniversary with a Naomi Campbell cover, styled by her and shot on her iPhone.

"It was a very special honor and unusual experience for me to be able to shoot and style my own cover for Essence's 50th Anniversary Issue," Campbell said. "While it was a sad reminder for me of all the people in media and production who are not able to work due to the coronavirus, it also brought me hope and encouragement to know that our people and our infrastructures are resilient."

Not only did Campbell shoot all the photos on her phone, she also was in charge of her own hair and makeup. Decades in the industry have prepared the supermodel for this moment. Upon a first (or second or third) glance, everything about the shoot looks professionally done.

Essence Entertainment Editor Cori Murray knew she was in good hands with Campbell while working on the magazine's first-ever remote issue.

"Luckily, working with a supermodel and entrepreneur whose core business is her brand, getting Naomi Campbell's self-portraits were the least of my worries," she said.

The only problem was finding time in Campbell's schedule, as she's managed to double her workload in isolation, thanks to projects like her YouTube series "No Filter with Naomi." Check out Campbell's at-home modeling, below, and see for yourself.

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