The Last Line launches its "Party" tabletop collection.
Courtesy of The Last Line


The Last Line’s New Tabletop Launch Is All About Hosting Parties

Featuring zodiac-inspired napkins, floral plates, and more.

The Last Line is getting into dinner-hosting season with its newest launch and debut tabletop collection, titled “Party.”

Known for its dainty chains and diamond-studded pieces, the L.A.-based fine jewelry brand is now diving into its very first housewares collection, rewriting the rules for all of your party-throwing needs.

The collection features a range of handcrafted goods, painted in vibrant hues and fun patterns for any occasion, whether you’re planning to throw a few dinner parties this coming holiday season or just looking to add some future heirlooms to your table decor collection. The Last Line’s new launch includes zodiac-inspired napkins, cottagecore-style linen placemats adorned with mushrooms, candy-hued glassware, colorful candlestick holders, floral ceramic sets, and more.

For Shelley Sanders, the co-founder and creative director for The Last Line, expanding into this new category was similar to designing jewelry, although the creative process did come with its challenges. “I began thinking about what people use every day and what are the really special pieces that you’re excited to break out,” she tells NYLON. “With ‘Party,’ we made sure to incorporate some popular jewelry details, like bold colors, and collections, like flowers and zodiacs, so everything just flows.”

Sanders also made sure that the collection’s vast offering of styles could be mixed and matched, just like The Last Line’s jewelry offerings. “I’ve always [loved] how a person mixes their jewelry pieces to make it cool,” she adds. “Mix any of the [tabletop] pieces together, mix them with your wedding china, mix them with the cups you got from vintage hunting — this is what I’m most excited to see!”

Since the very beginning, The Last Line has redefined the fine jewelry game with its playful designs, and now the brand bringing that elevated level of fun to your next dinner party. On top of that, Sanders mentions that similar to their jewelry line, The Last Line wanted to design a whole new experience for its customers that still remained true to its brand ethos.

“When we opened our first pop-up, we designed the experience to feel like a home from top to bottom, and everyone loved it. They were transported to a world that was a little less stressful, a lot more colorful, and a lot more fun,” recalls Sanders. “Right away, we started getting questions about where people could buy the custom pieces we made for the space and I realized how similar home décor and dining really are to jewelry. They’re heirlooms, they’re investments, they’re also an expression of individuality, and after that, there was no turning back. Also, who doesn't love a really good party?”

Starting on Wednesday, Oct. 27, you can now shop The Last Line’s “Party” tabletop collection, priced between $90 through $650, on In the meantime, you can view the collection in more detail, below.

Photos Courtesy of The Last Line
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