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The Best Skateboarding Style Moments From The Tokyo Olympics

From gold jewelry to printed jumpsuits.

Skateboarding just made history at the Tokyo Olympics. Not only did the sport make its official debut, but the events were dominated by some of the youngest athletes to date, including a few 13-year-olds who shred their way to winning medals for their respective countries.

Their tricks, bails, and overall camaraderie made headlines, but their fashion choices did, too. While each competitor represented their team with a uniform — most likely provided by a global sports brand, like Nike, Adidas, or New Balance — they all made sure to showcase some sense of personal style. Lizzie Armanto, who skated for Finland, designed her very own jumpsuit, while Margielyn Didal accented her Philippines kit with gold jewelry. On the sneaker front, Alexis Sablone sported an all-black pair of Converse Jack Purcell sneakers that she designed, and Bryce Wettstein opted for colorful, mismatched kicks.

Ahead, see some of our favorite Olympic looks from women's skateboarding, and if you’re inspired to take up the sport yourself, we’ve got all of the essentials you need to get started.

Margielyn Didal’s Gold Jewelry


A gold chain is a wardrobe staple for skaters, and Margielyn Didal added on to her jewelry look with matching gold rings. The rest of her uniform paid homage to the Philippines, from her outfit and skate deck to her New Balance sneakers.

Alexis Sablone’s On-Point ‘Fit

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Alexis Sablone’s laid-back aesthetic is both effortless and extremely precise (chalk it up to her architect and artist background). From her minimal white cap, oversized shirt, and her very own Converse Jack Purcell mids, her entire Olympic outfit was on point.

Rayssa Leal’s Cargo Pants

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Silver medalist Rayssa Leal represented Brazil in a full Nike ‘fit, including a pair of cargo pants that will likely become a fall fashion favorite.

Lore Bruggeman’s Polo

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Lore Bruggeman of Belgium kept her uniform low-key with a classic white polo shirt, black pants, and a matching cap.

Roos Zwetsloot’s All-Over Print

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Roos Zwetsloot’s Netherlands uniform was one of the more fashion-forward looks. Her pants featured an all-over embroidery print of birds.

Lilly Stoephasius’ Sporty Shorts

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While most of the skaters opted for long pants or jumpsuits, Germany’s Lilly Stoephasius wore sporty shorts with a high, paper-bag drawstring waist.

Sky Brown’s Pinstripe Pants

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Sky Brown paired her Adidas tank with a pair of pinstripe pants. She ended up taking home the bronze medal for Great Britain in the women's park skateboarding event.

Bryce Wettstein’s Colorful Converse

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American skater Bryce Wettstein’s bright and cheery personality shines through her personal style. In Tokyo, she wore colorful Converse sneakers with mismatched laces.

Kokona Hiraki’s Boiler Suit

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Kokona Hiraki went for an all-white boilersuit to skate for Team Japan. We love how she cuffed the bottoms to show off her socks and high-top Vans.

Yndiara Asp’s Camp Shirt

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Brazil’s Yndiara Asp has a new style tip for your favorite camp shirt. She only buttoned the top of her Nike shirt to keep (and look) cool.

Lizzie Armanto’s Printed Jumpsuit

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Lizzie Armanto designed her very own jumpsuit (and Vans sneakers) to skate for Team Finland. “I wanted to keep the authenticity of skate and ensure I still looked like I was wearing something I would wear with or without the Olympics,” she told Vogue.

Want more skate fashion? Lizzie Armanto filled us in on the essentials to stock up on.