18 Gift Ideas For Anyone Who's Obsessed With Their Pet

Matching raincoats, cat wine, and more

'Tis officially the season for gift-giving. For us, that's a full month in which we'll be providing gift ideas for everyone on your list with our Unwrapped holiday gift guides. So make your holiday shopping a breeze this season, and let us help you find gifts for all the people in your life.

If you have a four-legged friend in your life — whether they belong to you or your best friend — chances are, you're buying far more gifts for them this Christmas than anyone else in your life. 100 percent wholesome, honest, and loyal, they demand to be spoiled after all!

Getting thoughtful gifts for pet lovers means getting the ultimate gifts for the pet themselves — ones that they will enjoy come Christmas day. Anyone who's obsessed with their pet (hello, it's me) knows that the ideal present is also one that will look as cute on Instagram as it does in real life. Coordinating sweaters for owner and pet, unique toys, and personalized accessories are must-haves for every pampered pup and kitten around.

NYLON has rounded up the best gifts to give the overly-enthusiastic dog or cat parent in your life. Peek through the gallery, below, to find 18 more items that are guaranteed to wind up under the Christmas tree this year.

Susan Alexandra x Katie Kimmel, Animal Tee, $40, available at Susan Alexandra.

New York Fashion Week might not be pet-friendly, but thanks to Susan Alexandra's collaboration with Katie Kimmel, your pet can join in with the It Girls of Instagram and pretend like they were at the most iconic bat mitzvah-slash-presentation of all time with this cute slogan tee.

Petstages, Lil' Avocato Cat Toy, $4, available at Chewy.

A little avocado for your little avoCATo. This is the cutest cat toy ever; no other arguments will be considered.

Pawmain, "Bring Me The Treats" Dog Shirt, $20, available at Chewy.

Let everyone know that your four-legged friend can be trusted with the aux cord at the next function.

Vaivanat, Wool Cat Cocoon, $39, available at Etsy.

A cozy nook for your favorite cat to nestle up in that doubles as the perfect Instagram opportunity. Naps and snaps all day, every day.

American Beagle Outfitters, Sherpa Dog Hoodie, $15, available at American Eagle.

Now your dog can join in on the fleece jacket trend, too.

DivvyUp, Custom Cat Socks, $24-$36, available at DivvyUp.

Put the cutest furry faces of your life on a pair of socks. You don't have to pick favorites here — up to three pets can be featured on a single pair, so you can show off the whole squad when you roll up your jeans.

Free People x Found, Acid Wash Collar in Yellow, $88, available at Free People; Free People x Found, Acid Wash Leash in Yellow, $98, available at Free People.

Let your dedication to slime hues live on each time you head out for a walk with your pup.

GingerainArt, Custom Cat Teddy Coat, $28, available at Etsy.

If you're a true cat-lover, you know that sometimes dog clothing in smaller sizes just doesn't cut it. But this custom spring green teddy coat? *Lizzie McGuire voice* This is what dreams are made of.

83Oranges for Deny, Botanic Pet Bed, $99, available at Urban Outfitters.

Yes, this bed is the cutest thing you've ever seen. But the best part of all? You can purchase a duvet cover in the same print for your bed, too.

PetWineShop, Purrsecco Cat Wine, $15, available at PetWineShop.

You are already drinking wine with your cat (or your BFF's cat) regularly, so why not let them get in on the fun? If you're more of a dog person, have no fear — CharDOGnay is available as well.

The Daily Edited, Doggie Poop Bag Holder in Forest Green, $50, available at The Daily Edited.

What's better than never forgetting a roll of baggies on your daily walks? Never forgetting them thanks to your monogrammed leather poop bag holder. Potty breaks just got way more chic.

Ikea, Lurvig Cat House With Pad in Pink, $10, available at Ikea.

This little cube is a surefire way to make a tiny apartment seem a whole lot bigger to your feline friend. It's the exact size to fit into the KALLAX shelving unit everyone seems to have at least once in their life, so, instead of having your kitten wedge between books and knick-knacks, they can now have an entire cube dedicated to them. Hell, they'll probably still find another inconvenient spot to sleep, but it's the thought that counts.

Max-Bone, Lu Ski Suit, $110, available at Max-Bone.

Before you put on your pup's snow booties, ensure they stay toasty warm during a romp in the snow by bundling them up in a puffy snowsuit.

Baxter & Bella, Pet Carrier Transparent Backpack, $45, available at Baxter & Bella.

Commuting pretty much always sucks no matter where you live, but if there's one thing we can unanimously agree makes it better, it's seeing a bright-eyed pet observing the chaos around them. In that way, giving this backpack to your favorite cat becomes a gift to everyone they encounter in the future as well.

Stutterheim, Dog Raincoat in Green, $60, available at Stutterheim.

Yes, it does come in human sizes as well. If only every store offered both human and pet size ranges in each article of clothing it sold.

Kate Spade x Cats, Meow Cat Crossbody in Black, $298, available at Kate Spade.

Whether or not you know what a "jellicle" is, you probably know that one of the best parts about the upcoming Cats live-action film is the Kate Spade collaboration it inspired. This cute crossbody bag also comes in white and pink, as well as in a smaller coin-purse size.

Wild One, Air Travel Carrier in Tan, $125, available at Wild One.

Your tiny frequent flyer will thank you immensely for this luxe airline-compliant carrier. Instead of swaying at your side or being tucked into a purse, they'll be snug through all of check-in, and can lay out on the foldable bed once you've reached your gate.

Pet Shop by Fringe Studio, Fur Mama Tiny Heart Ceramic Tray, $9, available at Chewy.

Keep your rings safe from swatting paws by tossing them into this adorable catch-all dish as soon as you take them off for the day. Your hands will be primed for giving the best belly rubs, and your jewelry won't wind up in the litter box/under the fridge/never to be seen again.

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