Harlem's Fashion Row Reimagines Ruth Carter's Famous Styles

Film and fashion collided during the Harlem's Fashion Row exhibit honoring iconic costume designer Ruth E. Carter, who has worked on everything from Sparkle to Black Panther.

"Costumes and fashion live in two different worlds, but we do borrow from each other," Carter notes. "We have loved to wear clothing for centuries, and, within the idea of adornment, we have created our own personalities. We have created our own muse within ourselves. And costume design studies that story of that muse. It brings out the details of your story."

CEO and founder of Harlem's Fashion Row Brandice N. Daniel explained to NYLON why Carter remains such an icon, what's so special about her creative legacy and visibility in a historically white space, and how maybe conversations about racism in fashion are starting to change for the better.

Learn more about the exhibition and Carter, above.


Shot by Charlotte Prager and Dani Okon

Edited by Dani Okon

Produced by Alex Hsie