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Kylie And Kris Jenner Are Making Hand Sanitizer For California Hospitals

The custom hand sanitizers are "dedicated to first responders working to support our communities"

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread, leading to a terrifying shortage of necessary medical supplies, celebrities and brands are stepping up to use their resources in the ongoing effort to flatten the curve. Last week, Christian Siriano turned his studio into a factory for mask-making in a move that was quickly followed by other fashion brands like Pyer Moss, who is now using its office as a donation center for medical supplies, and Chanel, whose employees have been working on a face mask prototype that will go into production pending approval from French authorities. Yesterday, Kylie Jenner became the next celebrity to put her plentiful resources to good work, as the world's youngest billionaire and her mom teamed up with Coty Inc. to make custom hand sanitizers that will be donated to southern California hospitals.

According to reports, these custom hand sanitizers will be manufactured within Coty's factories. Though the multinational beauty conglomerate is a key stakeholder in Kylie Skin, the production of this medically-necessary hydro-alcoholic gel will not affect the the production of Jenner's highly sought-after skincare products. (Kylie Cosmetics, on the other hand, has already stopped production following California's order to shelter-in-place.) According to ABC News, each bottle of Coty and Kylie's custom hand sanitizer will come with the following inspirational message: "Dedicated to first responders working to support our communities."

Of course, Jenner is not the first to reallocate her staff's duties to producing hand sanitizer. In the past couple of weeks, similar actions have been taken by global beauty and cosmetic brands like LVMH, L'Oreal, and Estée Lauder. Still, the Kardashians have thankfully been doing what they can to help during this pandemic, with both Kylie and Kim Kardashian-West each recently donating $1 million to families whose lives have affected by this lethal virus.