Your April 2022 Horoscope Promises A Wild Trip


Your April 2022 Horoscope Promises A Wild Trip

With a historic Pisces stellium, your April 2022 horoscope promises one of the most psychedelic months of your life.

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In the ninth century, the Persian astronomer Abu Ma’shar wrote that the end of the world would come when the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn aligned on the final degree of Pisces. Though the combination and degrees are different, a sizable five planets arrive in the sign of the fish this month. Is that it then? Is the end finally near?

Such feelings of malaise make sense when so many planets are in the political and spiritual houses of Aquarius and Pisces. With Mars, Venus, and Saturn in Aquarius at the start of the month, we’re at the peak of the culture battles, when every facet of experience is being hashed out by court justices and school administrators. And with Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, the weight of human interconnection feels profound and painful, as the violation of life and livelihood reverberates around the world. In such a maelstrom, it’s hard to remember your own name.

April’s long game, from the Aries new moon on the first to the new moon solar eclipse in Taurus on the 30th, is to land you back in your own body — to action and sensation, and out of pandemic-era dissociation. But before you can set your feet on solid earth, you’ll have to endure a historic cosmic trip. Welcome to one of the most psychedelic months of your life.

As the lava lamp heats up, take the first week of April to address the plan. The Aries new moon on the first invites clarity of direction, which will serve you when reality blurs in the coming weeks. On April 5, the ambitious Mars hits the cancel-master Saturn. Pay attention to what is offending or triggering you on the political stage, and the ways you’re virtue signaling to cover up feelings of rejection or alienation.

You’ll start to feel the dose kick in soon after: Venus enters Pisces on April 5, and Jupiter and Neptune reunite in Pisces on April 12, for the first time since 1856. Block off a long weekend and make sure you’re surrounded in the hot tub by only your most trusted high priestesses. This is a moment for cinematic vision, spectacular fantasy, and then, the emotional fallout. Such historic Pisces transits will take you to your highest high, and just as soon crash your spaceship in the machine city, where gray disenchantment poisons the recent possibilities. With Mars and Venus both situated in the sign of no boundaries by April 14, your body may feel like an emotional superconductor. Don’t push it. Keep the 5HTP handy and stay grounded.

Fortunately, the Libra full moon on April 16 and the onset of Taurus season on April 19 bring us into the field of the social, sexual, and stimulating. Set some dates that don’t involve blood rituals and diary readings; sometimes it’s nice to dress up and feel hot. Any grounding measures will prepare you for the final portal when the moon enters Pisces on April 26, joining Venus, Mars, Jupiter in Pisces for the ultimate fantasy ride. By the time of the new moon partial solar eclipse in Taurus on April 30, you’ll have gone through a battery of selves, timelines and dimensions, all to land back here. Consider this a new body, like Captain America cracking out of the pod, or Catwoman waking up after a nasty fall. Welcome back to earth. What would you like to do here?


It’s your move at the launch of the month, with a new moon in Aries April 1. As the month progresses, your more personal planets (the sun, Mercury, and Mars) will come under fire from gatekeepers and forces of authority, in the forms of Saturn and Pluto. If you feel stymied by bureaucracy, global shutdowns, and social disarray, focus not on rebelling but on finding your own creative way forward, even if the steps are small. The Libra full moon on April 16 invites you to find direction in collaboration. Venus and Mars will find their way to your sign as the spring progresses. Keep the fire going until they’re ready.


The Pisces surge has been building all year in your eleventh house of peers and audience. There’s a palpable sense that everyone in your orbit is blowing up. Is it finally your turn? As Mercury enters Taurus on April 10, followed by the sun on April 19, you’re called to clarify what you’re putting out into the world. What is your ethos, and what do you want to be known for? On April 30, the asteroid Pallas, named for the goddess of strategy, enters Taurus, on the same day as the new moon partial solar eclipse. If the door to your dreams were to blast open, what would be your plan?


Since Jupiter entered Pisces at the start of the year, you’ve been swimming with the masters and stepping through the right doors to claim your power. This month’s rare Pisces conjunctions (especially on April 9 and 26) go down in your career arena; make them count. As Mercury enters Taurus in your twelfth house of closure and synthesis on April 10, you begin to look inward and to your next great project. Regardless of what’s going on around you, Taurus season calls on you to honor your history, point of view, and gifts. All eyes are on you! What’s the one great project you want them to see?


The Aries new moon on April 1 blasts the gates of your career house wide open. With the Pisces stellium opening creative channels in your ninth house of expanding horizons, there’s a great sense of possibility and opportunity every time you leave the house. Of course, as the current lifts you up, you’ll be reminded of what’s kept you down all along. On April 10 and 18, Mercury and the sun in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn, the keeper of all your old relationship trauma. Nobody’s asking you to forgive and forget — especially with the demoness Lilith moving into Cancer on April 14. Use your wrath as fuel if you’d like, just don’t lose momentum.


A new direction takes form in your public life, as Mercury enters Taurus on April 10, followed by the sun on April 18, all in your tenth house of big-picture career. But are you really ready for an executive position? When the planets stack up in Pisces, they flood your eighth house of role relinquishment. Confront any ways you’ve been swimming upstream and any juvenile dreams you’re clinging to for life. This month’s spiritual deluge promises to deliver you to a higher calling…if you let it. Eclipse season launches in your career arena in Taurus on April 30. The door is opening. Clear out any old selves you don’t want to come along.


Pisces rules your seventh house of relationships and of visibility. With Mars and Venus entering Pisces this month, how you’re “seen” becomes a fascinating case study in itself. Confront any distortions or delusions around your self-image, which block you from valid criticism and praise. With Mercury entering Taurus in your ninth house of expanding horizons on April 10, you’re ready to launch forward into a propulsive summer. Your relationships could provide the atomic power to get there, if you can navigate them with sobriety.


Aries season lights up your seventh house of public visibility. From the Aries full moon on April 1 and into the month, your assignment is to plan your entrance. Venus enters Pisces on April 5, followed by Mars on April 14, all in your sixth house of creative self-definition. Consider the packaging, presentation, and debut of your vessel: What do you need to work on to arrive at your most inspired? The full moon in Libra on April 16 wraps you up in a bow. Who deserves the privilege of receiving you?


Taurus season helps bring your needs to the surface. The bull owns your seventh house of relationships, so when Mercury enters Taurus on April 10, you’ll be able to start a productive dialogue about what you need to feel secure. Mercury hits the chaos-bringer Uranus on April 18, and then squares Saturn on April 24, making the back half of the month a productive time for conversations and confrontations with your friends, lovers, and collaborators. Who have you turned into a parent without realizing? The new moon partial solar eclipse on April 30 goes down in Taurus, unleashing all that’s been held under. You don’t have to stew in rage, waiting to boil into apoplexy, before anyone hears you. Take charge of what’s yours to say.


April’s historic Pisces transits — namely the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction on April 12 and stellium on April 26 — go down in your fourth house of physical and emotional rootedness. Well-channeled, these transits imbue your home with magic and make you feel like the next voyage could launch from your desk. But without clear means of processing, or some means of emotional sobriety, your bedroom could once again become the Sunken Place. Confront what comes up when you’re alone with your own feelings, and the modes of escape you lean on too heavily. In the words of Catherine Cohen, what are you running from?


Aries season inspires new life in your fourth house of psychological firmament and emotional roots. This is the month to convene in your kingdom before the next conquest. The Aries new moon on April 1 inspires you to consider what you want to pursue this year. What drives your mission? Take the Libra full moon on April 16, in your tenth house of public acclaim, to bring the new plans into fruition. The Piscean downloads this month may momentarily toss you into a Bermuda triangle of empathic inundation. Don’t lose focus now.


Taurus owns your fourth house of emotional rootedness, meaning the tangible home and the psychological structures which ground your vision. On April 10, Mercury, planet of action and communication, enters Taurus, where it helps you bring your needs out of the basement and into light. A collision with Uranus on April 18, and a square with Saturn in Aquarius on April 24, cement the changes you’ve made, and force you to accept the consequences. By the time of the new moon partial solar eclipse in Taurus on April 30, your sense of home will have been redefined once again. Send us a postcard when you get there.


This month, you won’t need to drop a single tab to feel the universe blast open. With Venus entering Pisces on April 5 and March on April 14, consider your body a divine conduit. Take care of your vessel and do not overdo it. For every soaring high this month offers, the empathic hangover will leave you crawling. Book cabin trips, coven gatherings, or moments under the stars for the once-in-two-lifetimes Jupiter-Neptune conjunction on April 9 and five-planet Pisces stellium on April 26. Three days later, the Muslim faith celebrates Layl at-Qadr, when the Prophet recieved the first verses of the Quran. What would be the best setting, company, and plan for aftercare for your download of consciousness?

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