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Donatella Versace Says Britney Spears "Went Through Hell and Back"

Two icons reunite.

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I staunchly believe the only good thing about being a celebrity (besides free clothes) would be getting to meet other celebrities you admire. Last week, two icons collided as Donatella Versace paid a visit to Britney Spears’ home, a visit that will be forever memorialized via a trove of Instagram photos.

The two pals hadn’t hung out since they were last together in Milan more than a decade ago. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Versace shared details of their visit. “I went to see Britney because I always care about her," she said. "The last time she was in Milan was like 15 years ago, so I brought a few pictures to show to her. She was so moved." It’s also a relief to hear Versace note that the pop star was in "great spirits."

She continued, commenting on Spears’ longtime former conservatorship. "She went through hell and back," Versace said. "I cannot imagine what she went through."

Versace is also designing Spears’ dress for her wedding to actor and fitness trainer Sam Asghari, who received Versace’s post-visit stamp of approval — support he was clearly gunning for, commenting “Versacney ♥” on his finacé’s Instagram photo of the three of them, which she captioned, “Look who came to visit … these 2 bad bitches are up to no good.” (Side note: While this caption from Spears is relatively straightforward, NYLON spoke with Britney’s Southern translator, a TikTok creator who helps decode the singer’s not-so-straightforward, rambling captions if you need help unlocking her mysterious prose.)

"I like very much Sam, the boyfriend," Versace said. "A real nice person." A real nice person is all we want for her!

The Versace-Britney collab, or in the words of Asghari, the “Versacney” collab, should come as no surprise to fans of the singer or the designer, who have had a long partnership throughout the years, with Spears’ rocking plenty of Versace’s most daring and dazzling looks throughout the 2000s — including a sparkly mini dress from the 2008 VMAs.

In other Spears updates, after years of being silenced, the singer recently was rumored to have received a $15 million book deal to write a memoir — good spirits, indeed! Simon and Schuster won a bidding frenzy amongst top publishers and will help her craft her tell-all memoir, which is reported to cover her upbringing, career, and her harrowing conservatorship.

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