Watch A Never-Before-Seen Julian Casablancas Interview With Band The Voidz

Rebekah Sherman-Myntti enlists Julian Casablancas and his band The Voidz in a special episode of her video series Tomorrow!

Last year, director Rebekah Sherman-Myntti debuted her video series Tomorrow!, a documentary-style variety show capturing New York City’s downtown art and music scene with a cartographer’s devotion. In her series, Sherman-Myntti spotlights not only the emerging talent of a scene — Frost Children, Malice K, Ruby McCollister, and Napoleon Emill, to name a few — but its frenzied feeling. Now, one year later, the director is releasing a special episode starring a figurehead of New York’s indie music scene: Julian Casablancas, along with his band The Voidz.

Shot on the final night of The Voidz’s residency at Murmrr Theatre in November 2023, the episode gives viewers a front-row seat to the high-octane performance, along with opening acts Malice K and Licks, plus exclusive interviews with the band. Central to the project is a sense of discovery, as well as reverence for the up-and-coming artists that make the city special. For Sherman-Myntti’s latest episode, she’s paying tribute not just to a music legend — but to how he’s evolved since The Strokes.

“In the case of Julian Casablancas, I think it’s very cool when artists who are known for a certain thing continue to push boundaries, challenge themselves, and pour their hearts and souls into something new,” Sherman-Myntti tells NYLON. “Julian’s continued ability to step outside of what is expected of him is inspiring to see and is important to document. I think The Voidz’s collaborative spirit and desire to experiment and innovate is incredibly special.”

Watch Tomorrow! starring Casablancas with band The Voidz below.