Your June 2022 Horoscope Calls For Bravery


Your June 2022 Horoscope Calls For Bravery

With a Sagittarius full moon and the launch of Cancer season, your June 2022 horoscope rewards the bold.

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First, the positives: Within two days of June, Mercury retrograde will have come to an end, after a long lurch through Taurus and Gemini. two signs concerned with how you validate and communicate your self-worth. With Mercury direct in Taurus through June 13 and Venus luxuriating in the bull’s province through June 23, now’s an excellent time to invest in and declare your value. Ask for a raise, pitch yourself to a new manager, get highlights — whatever makes you feel esteemed, seen, and rewarded.

Of course, as one retrograde closes, another opens. On June 4, Saturn crawls backward in Aquarius, not resuming direct course until late October; and on June 30, Neptune retrogrades in Pisces until early December. They both join Pluto, already in retrograde since May, in Capricorn. Orbiting close to the sun, Mercury is a personal planet, and its backward motion likely f*cked with your intimate circumstances. Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto, meanwhile, are generational planets, and their effects will be felt more globally. In Aquarius, the sign of social evolution, Saturn has stirred up a grisly culture conflicts. Before it moves into Pisces in 2023, consider this summer a final rehashing of the gender battles, school reform combat, and other desperate stands of the dying old guard. Neptune, meanwhile, rules over dreams and dissociation, so those feelings of not fully being here, on this planet, will continue, regardless of whether or not your mask-wearing days are behind you.

Miasmas of disillusionment and societal devolution aside, there’s still plenty of linear, combustive firepower to command in your personal sphere this month. With Venus in Taurus through June 23 and Mars in Aries all month, you’ll have both the feminine and masculine archetypes of embodiment in their home signs, ready to ride. Venus hits the planet of change and awakening, Uranus, on June 11, and then the north node, the moon’s point of high consciousness, on June 15. Your image is in for a reboot. Mercury hits Gemini on June 13, followed by Venus on June 23, blessing every scene, party, and conversation with chance, opportunity, and a little chaos. The best way to measure your inner metamorphosis is to test it IRL; go express what you’re worth, out in the open, and see who it attracts.

Meanwhile, with Mars joining Jupiter in Aries for the whole month, a call to action goes out to the new generation of heroes. Will you be one of them? With a full moon in Sagittarius on June 14, and Cancer season launching on June 21, those with the guts to dare will be rewarded. It’s believed by some astrologers that Alexander the Great was a Cancer. When the new moon hits the crab’s domain on June 29, what kingdoms will you have conquered? What strange new worlds will you have discovered? By this time next year, Saturn and Pluto will have moved on to new signs, and the cultural discourse will have shifted into unknown new territories. Move forward to what calls you, lest you be left behind in the old world.


Mercury retrograde is finally kaput. Now it’s time to come for blood! Jupiter in Aries has kicked off the summer of protagonists, and you’re ready to be one of them, with Mars in your home sign for all of June. However, such propulsive drive can veer into megalomania and self-aggrandizement if not reined in. Fortunately, the advent of Cancer season, beginning on June 21, lights up the base of your chart, in your fourth house of home and emotional rootedness. That you’re going on a tear is certain, but by focusing your efforts on stability, accountability, and care, you’ll have the support to go all the way this summer.


Taurus season was a bit too chaotic for the traditional indulgences; who could relax with an eclipse and a Mercury retrograde in the bull’s domain? After all of May’s upheaval, Mercury is officially direct in Taurus (June 2-13), and is joined by Venus, your patron goddess, for the first three weeks of the month. Mercury is a messenger and Venus a sculptor, so focus on voicing and giving form to all the subterranean changes you experienced in May. This can be a private process, but it should be creative. Whether you’re making art or finally expressing yourself authentically, it’s time to make something beautiful and bring it to life.


After the Gemini new moon at the end of May — and with Mercury finally out of retrograde — you’re ready to resume course. Mercury returns to Gemini, where it belongs, on June 13, followed by a creative surge when Venus joins in on June 23. Unbound, unblocked, and ready to express yourself, you may feel overwhelmed. Take the Sagittarius full moon on June 14, in your seventh house of relationships, to connect with collaborators and guides; you’ll need a Louise to champion your Thelma’s crackling, unsteady enthusiasm. On June 30, Neptune retrogrades in Pisces, in your 10th house of career, through early December. Don’t let any blurriness in the big picture stop you, and don’t get too far ahead of yourself (as usual). This is a new beginning. Enjoy it as it comes.


From April through the rest of the year, Lilith, the archetype of the exiled, demonized feminine, takes her dark throne in Cancer, awakening to and avenging your experiences of gaslighting, rejection, or suppressed sexual power. Meanwhile, Mars burns through Aries in your 10th house of career for the whole month. With Cancer season arriving in the last week of June, now’s your time for conquest, release, and reclamation. Tap into the might of Cancer queens such as M.I.A., Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and Lil’ Kim and get what’s yours — especially if you have to fight for it. You may fear playing with fire, but by letting the volcano break, you’ll unleash a creative and emotional surge worthy of the Dark Phoenix. Let it blow.


Saturn retrogrades for the last time in Aquarius, in your seventh house of public visibility and relationships, from June 4 through Oct. 23. Consider the progress you’ve made in your family, friendships, and intimate partnerships, and take this time to make amends and seek closure. While you’re slowly churning through your relationship dynamics, the real action continues to go down in Taurus, in your 10th house of career. Venus and Mercury light up this arena throughout June, bringing vast possibilities to the big picture. Focus now on where you want to be, even if you’re feeling a little unsure of who is going to be with you when you get there.


May’s Mercury retrograde went down in Gemini, in your 10th house of capital “C” career. What went wrong? What did you learn? Where did you have to get inventive along the way? Integrate all the new information you took in during the retrogrades, so that, as Mercury resumes course starting on June 2, you’ll have a much bigger picture to work with. Cancer season goes down in your 11th house of network and audience, so focus this renewal of drive toward your tribe, your crowd, and the people you ultimately want to connect with. Where was your vision limited before? How can you expand your reach — and your purpose — far further than you had imagined just two months ago?


Good luck to anyone who’s in your way this month! With Mars in Aries in your seventh house of public visibility, and the onset of Cancer season in your 10th house of career, you’re ready to attack. As you tap into your fury and ambition, your innate Martian drives will be revealed to everyone, perhaps shocking even you. Meanwhile, Venus lands in Taurus, in your eighth house of metamorphosis and sexual awakening. The days of people-pleasing are long gone, and you’re starting to realize why you’ve chosen to play it nice and safe for so long when what you’ve got is powerful, intimidating, and even threatening. With Lilith, the archetype of vindicated feminine ferocity, in your Cancer career arena, you’re challenged to show a side of yourself that may be ugly, but can be repressed no longer. Time to let it rip.


Remember those long, meditative, excruciating months of the lockdown when you were forced to cultivate your inner life, and — god forbid — attain peace? Those days are over. With Venus and Mercury in Taurus, in your seventh house of public visibility, the spotlight is on you and your creative capacity. With all this action comes chaos; the challenge is to get your sh*t together when it’s showtime. Starting June 4, Saturn, planet of structure and responsibility, goes retrograde in Aquarius, in your fourth house of emotional rootedness, until October. Consider this time a trial by fire: Your dreams are coming true, but perhaps at a faster clip than you could handle. You have to learn on the go and — now more than ever — lean on the people in your life for support. You may not feel grounded for a while, so lose control, learn to ask for help, and see where it lands you.


With Mars and Jupiter blazing your fifth house of creative expression and pleasure, and Venus in your sixth house of the body, you’re called to feel yourself and tap into the carnal and creative portal. If you’re worried about losing control, or starting more projects than you can complete, you’ll have the full moon in Sagittarius on June 14 to focus the aim of your arrow. The month ends with Neptune, planet of dreams and imagination, going retrograde in Pisces in your fourth house of inner stability until December. Combat the blurriness by doubling down on embodiment. Invest in yourself as a vessel, so that you’ll feel connected physically even when your mental landscape is underwater.


Mars has joined Jupiter in Aries, in your fourth house of home and emotional rootedness. With such expansive, explosive influence at the root of your chart, you’re reconnecting with your influences, ambitions, and dreams — all the forces that launched you out into the world as an individual. Of course, the fourth house is the domain of parents and childhood conditioning, and with Cancer season firing off in your seventh house of relationships, you will confront primal feelings of being subsumed, smothered, or not taken seriously. With Mercury in your sixth house of boundaries, and the femme demoness Lilith in Cancer, you’re called to clearly express the anger, guilt, and repression you’ve felt all along. By the time of the Cancer new moon on June 29, you’ll have released years of boiling rage, and you can finally get to work and make your dreams come true.


Since December 2020, Saturn has been in your home sign, running an inside-out refurbishment of your identity. On June 4, Saturn retrogrades for the last time in Aquarius, and won’t go direct until late October. You will certainly feel a lull in your linear sense of evolution, and questions of who you are will continue to go unanswered. To counter feelings of inner vagueness, double down on the fresh bloom of your home life: With Venus in Taurus, in your fourth house of rootedness and surroundings, consider less who you are as where you belong, and what makes you feel whole, nurtured, and embodied. These changes concern the base angles of your chart, and may feel subtle, private, and hard to describe — but that doesn’t mean they’re any less spectacular. The world will see the new you soon enough. Invest in your inner life now, and the public payoff will be worth it.


Last month’s Mercury retrograde threw wrenches in your self-expression and sense of rootedness. What did you learn? Where do you hold back in your life? June starts with Mercury and Venus in Taurus, in your third house of communication, and Mars and Jupiter in your second house of self-worth. Now’s the time to take risks, and to dare yourself to speak firmly and decisively. On June 14, a full moon in Sagittarius hits your 10th house of career and public glory, rewarding bravery and chutzpah. The month ends with Neptune going retrograde in your home sign, bringing with it dissociation and blurriness until December. But by working at your conscious modes of expression and assertion, you’ll be able to carry yourself through no matter how your subconscious reality begins to warp.

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