Lana Del Rey Is SKIMS' Valentine’s Shop Star


Lana Del Rey Is Our Valentine Thanks To SKIMS

Valentine Del Rey has arrived.

Lana Del Rey has always been vocal about clothing she wears: blue jeans, white shirts, red dresses, white dresses, black bathing suits, Waffle House uniforms — you get the point. Now, the singer-songwriter is adding something new to her wardrobe: SKIMS.

Del Rey is the latest face of Kim Kardashian’s ubiquitous shapewear and clothing line and the star of the brand’s forthcoming Valentine’s Day Shop. The new collection is Cupid-approved: silky powder blue bodysuits, sweet baby pink tank tops with lace trimmings, heart motifs, and more, styled with the God of desire’s signature arrow through the heart. The Nadia Lee Cohen-shot campaign also features a few of Del Rey’s trademarks, like gothic veils, coquettish bows, and a video of her donning a heart-shaped eyepatch as a single tear trails down her face. That’s our queen of pastiche!

“Good morning SKIMS!” wrote Del Rey on Instagram, teasing the collection. “Excited to be your valentine.”

The SKIMS Valentine’s Day Shop goes live on Jan. 23 at 12 p.m. ET. Until then, see Del Rey’s campaign photos, below.

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