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The Met Gala 2022 Memes: The Gilded, The Glamorous, & The Ugly

The Met Gala 2022 red carpet brought the gilded glamour — and the internet brought memes.

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The phrase “the first Monday of the month” is utter nonsense usually met with a resounding and confused “This again?” or “Who cares?” — unless, of course, it’s the first Monday in May. Back to its former springtime glory for the first time approximately three years is the Met Gala 2022, returning to Manhattan’s Upper East Side and promising a trove of sartorial stunners, pop culture moments, and most crucially, memes from people not invited to the event.

The Met Gala 2022 continues its “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion” theme, this round with a focus on “Gilded Glamour.” When the theme was announced last month, those who dived into the high society luncheons and scandals that are the backbone of HBO’s The Gilded Age, let out a shriek of delight; with a theme like “Gilded Glamour,” we’re expecting details like ornate beading, tiaras worth more than you’ll make in an entire lifetime of working, high-drama dress trains, an abundance of textures like feather and tulle, and gaudy opulence of the highest level! But knowing celebrities and their inability to understand and adhere to a theme (remember the year the Met Gala’s theme was “camp,” a theme that eluded nearly all attendees?) we’re probably going to get a bunch of slinky slip dresses and prom-appropriate gowns. All the better for meme fodder!

Now, we all know you can find Met Gala 2022 red carpet commentary from endless sources, but why even bother when the sharp tongues and discerning minds of Twitter dot com are ready to praise and drag the night’s fashion, all while being funny? Here’s to Jason Derulo falling down the stairs at the Met Gala 2022!

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