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Your November 2021 Horoscope Promises Intense Power Struggles

With squares and an eclipse on the horizon, November 2021’s astrology is power play central. Read your horoscope to find out more.

November begins in a blaze of spitfire, as Mars, planet of conquest, returns to its infernal home in Scorpio. With several planets freshly out of retrograde, it feels like you’re an active participant in your life again. With a new moon in Scorpio on November 4, and Venus entering Capricorn on November 5, relationships will be examined for their potency and possibility: How are your collaborations serving you? How are your lovers supporting you? Are the people in your life really in it to win it? Scorpio season 2021 will force you to parse out reactivity from intuition, so that you can clearly scope out who has your back, who is triggering you, and what they’re setting off within.

Of course, the Martian energy culminates on Thanksgiving, a crucible in which people from our past challenge our renewed and reclaimed visions for ourselves. But these opponents, be they racist uncles or toxic exes, may serve a nobler purpose. As the sun, Mercury, and Mars ride through Scorpio, blasting open buried stores of ambition and fury, they’ll be squared — or checked — by Jupiter and Saturn, in Aquarius. Aquarius is a perfect match for Scorpio, meeting its intense power plays with a detached philosophy of idealism. These squares, running from November 9 through November 21, are meant to test the mettle of your ethos. What are you working for? What higher purpose does it serve? If your mother’s passive aggressive comment cuts particularly deep, pay attention and investigate. Aquarius wants you to serve a bigger moment, and not just constantly fight to prove yourself. What is your ethos?

Beyond the horror of Thanksgiving, this month promises to test not only your ethos, but your self-worth. As the sun, Mars, and Mercury progress through Scorpio’s underworld, they’ll all be opposed, at 180 degrees, by Uranus, planet of upheaval and awakening, in Taurus. Scorpio and Taurus are two sides of a coin, concerned over the question of personal power. The bull defines itself by what it has, while Scorpio takes ownership over whom it controls. The full moon partial lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 19 will blow open the family tombs, exposing hidden or suppressed histories of gaslighting, control, and self-sublimation. How long have you downplayed your value? Who has taught you to compromise? This is but the first of several eclipses on the Taurus-Scorpio divide, raging through 2023. Everything is up for renegotiation.

The sun enters Sagittarius on November 21, followed by Mercury on November 24. As Nicki Minaj rightly stated, this is the sign of the optimist. Sagittarius wants you to close out the year feeling like anything is possible. Scorpio season, and the full moon eclipse, is your moment to decide what, or whom, has been holding you back.


Mars enters Scorpio on October 30, making November yours for the taking. But every march forward in Scorpio will be challenged by Saturn and Jupiter, the big-picture planets, in idealistic Aquarius. It’s essential that your mission is rooted in something bigger. Your actions cannot exist in a vacuum right now; the world is watching. Think like a Bene Gesserit, and not a Harkonnen, and imagine the impact you could have if you collaborated within a larger mosaic. Pay attention to the culture around you. Chances are, you have a part to play in its future.


With Uranus, planet of change and awakening, blowing the roof off of Taurus from 2018 through 2025, you’re already deep in the maelstrom. But this is only the beginning. The full moon partial lunar eclipse on November 19, in Taurus, initiates a new eclipse cycle between the bull and scorpion through 2023. Everything is changing when it comes to the ways you value yourself — in your relationships, earning, and self-expression. Take whatever silence and space you can, and minimize the noise of your social life to better grip the coming changes. Don’t try to muscle through this once-in-a-lifetime metamorphosis, or you’ll miss the high-stakes rewards.


As your ruling planet Mercury joins the warrior Mars in Scorpio, in your sixth house of work and limits, you’re ready to push yourself and prove your worth. And by all means, go off! But squares from Saturn, the archetype of authority, may bring up old themes of rejection. How do you deal with the gatekeepers in your life? As the full moon partial lunar eclipse goes down in your twelfth house of personal history and closure on November 19, are there any internalized or imagined gatekeepers that you can confront once and for all? Who is really in your way right now, and when are you just fighting a phantom? Sagittarius season promises an emergence and awakening if you can get past these old demons.


You’re officially on the market, with Venus entering Capricorn in your seventh house of intimate partnership on November 5. Now is the time to be witnessed, adored, and gratified. But by whom? Scorpio season awakens fire and longing in your fifth house of pleasure and romance. But as the sun, Mars, and Mercury move through Scorpio, they’ll be challenged by planets in impartial Aquarius. Your fantasies of a happy ending will be checked by reality, over and over again. This is an opportunity to cultivate objectivity. Turn to the ones you can trust to give you perspective on new lovers or projects. The more accountability you have, the safer you’ll feel.


With the sun, Mercury, and Mars moving through Scorpio, in your fourth house of home and foundations, you have a chance to step back and observe your surroundings. Recline into your throne in the underworld and contemplate how you’d best like to deploy your talents. With Venus entering Capricorn, in your sixth house of work and boundaries, on November 5, you’re encouraged to view your output as a gift of great value. Measure what you’re giving with what you’re receiving. The full moon partial lunar eclipse on November 19 links Taurus, in your tenth house of career, with Scorpio, in your fourth house of home. This is a chance to root your work into a deeper source of power.


The top-down makeover of your work life will be underway for some time yet; hold off on the big questions and focus instead on the paces and routines that form your daily life. Even the most humdrum aspects of your day may hold the nucleus of infinite possibility. The new moon in Scorpio on November 4, and the full moon partial lunar eclipse on November 19, go down in your third house of rituals and ninth house of spiritual expansion; imbue your everyday with some spark of the divine, so that the smaller pieces of the mosaic can soon add up to a revelation.


A reboot in self-confidence is called for this month, with Scorpio stirring sh*t in your second house of self-worth and earning. With a new moon in Scorpio on November 4, and a full moon partial lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 19, in your eighth house of metamorphosis, you’ll be reminded of the ways you’ve sold yourself short and underserved your intrinsic value. Start the comeback from home: Venus enters Capricorn, in your fourth house of family and foundations, on November 5. Make your immediate surroundings into a sanctuary, from which you can plan your reclamation and conquest of 2022.


The full moon partial lunar eclipse on November 19 initiates a new eclipse cycle, on the divide between Scorpio and Taurus, which will awaken a discourse on power, ownership, and self-worth through 2023. A new era for you begins now. As the sun, Mercury, and Mars ignite bastions of volcanic power in Scorpio, you’ll feel ready to initiate, attack, and conquer. But squares from Aquarius, in your fourth house of home and foundations, will remind you of everything you’ve learned and gained in the silence and space that culminated throughout lockdown life. You have more to work with this go-around than just raw ambition; no matter how far your goals take you, be sure to always have a home base worth returning to.


It’s a foregone conclusion that come Sagittarius season on November 21, you’ll be ready to go supernova. And why should anyone stand in your way? To make the most out of the incoming tidal surge of power, and to avoid burning out prematurely, embrace the remaining checkpoints of Scorpio season. The new moon in Scorpio, on November 4, and the full moon partial lunar eclipse in Taurus, on November 19, wish to remind you of your physical limits and emotional boundaries. This is an opportunity to feel embodied, grounded, and on the level, so that you don’t fly too close to the sun. Pay attention to what your history wants to teach you. Your body and your triggers may just have your back, if you don’t force them down.


The month starts with two major femme archetypes entering Capricorn: Venus, goddess of artistry and beauty, on November 5, and the asteroid Juno, queen of Mount Olympus, on November 11. Invest in your originality and work on discerning your instincts from your more, um, defensive impulses. Inevitably, Scorpio season will trigger some relationship sensitivities. Double on your own Venusian uniqueness — on what makes you you — and avoid the often illusory feelings of being left behind and abandoned in your social life. You don’t need to hunt after anyone. Let them come to worship you.


Ostensibly, it’s all good: You’ve got powerful players moving in Scorpio, in your tenth house of career and public roles; in Aquarius, in your first house of intrinsic selfhood; and in Taurus, in your house of home and foundation. The challenges come when those planets clash on the way to realization. This month promises major leaps, along with backlash and blowback. It’s all to help you find balance and stick the long-term landing. When your career surges forward, what in your home life gets disregarded? What are your somatic and spiritual needs to keep the ship running in order? Notice how one area of your life affects the other, and do your best to bring the sides toward harmony. Ignore your needs for long, and you won’t have a choice.


After a marathon of ego dissolution, it’s time to put the pieces back together — but you don’t have to do it alone. Take the new moon in Scorpio on November 4 to consider the relationships, networks and communities that could help you feel seen and supported. And, with the asteroid Pallas — a.k.a. Athena, goddess of battles and strategy — going direct in Pisces on November 8, and Sagittarius season lighting up your career domain towards the back half of the month, you can plan your forward march. The full moon partial lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 19 goes down in your third house of self-expression. Put your worth, your goals, and your values into clear terms. You’ll need to speak it to make it real.