Your November 2022 Horoscope Initiates The Endgame


Your November 2022 Horoscope Initiates The Endgame

With a full moon eclipse in Taurus and Mars retrograde in Gemini, your November 2022 horoscope readies you for the new world order.

A reminder: We’re in a new decade, and it’s still quite young. 2023 promises to be all-new and all-different, with Jupiter and the eclipses firing off from Aries, Saturn going walkabout in Pisces and Pluto taking us over the event horizon in Aquarius. Consider these final months of 2022 to be the closing and processing of all that’s come before.

Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and synthesis, is back in Pisces until December 20. Once Jupiter hits Aries, we’re officially in a new 12-year cycle, an age of heroes and artists, building something new. Pisces is the sign of culmination and closure; with Jupiter here, you’re invited to wrap up any loose ends, say goodbye to any dead-end relationships, and embrace all you’ve learned over the last messy decade. It’s been real!

Speaking of messy: The full moon total lunar eclipse in Taurus goes down on November 8, the same day as U.S. elections. The following day, The Crown returns to dramatize the annus horriblis of the long-ruling Taurus Elizabeth II, and then Black Panther: Wakanda Forever grieves its late, great king. Should you be concerned about an election-day eclipse in the sign of the autocrat, with so much noise about the fall of great kingdoms? Eh. October’s new moon partial solar eclipse in Scorpio sets you free from sentimental dependence on figures of authority and their 24-hour press cycles. You’re harder, colder, and smarter than before, able to see the game-within-a-game. This Blood Moon in Taurus is a reclamation of power, not just for certain revenant political demons, but for you. FYI: In 2022, there’s nothing more dangerous, or thrilling, than being alive in a body. You’re the Avatar, the One, the Slayer, the Superman. No more watching and dissociating. It’s your choices that shape reality now.

Choice will be the key word for the Mars retrograde in Gemini, which rages from October 30 through mid-January. A retrograde from the battling god, in the sign of duality and ambivalence, doesn’t exactly inspire confidence during election season. But for all the chaos that its avatars Kanye West, Johnny Depp, and Donald Trump have wrought, Gemini is the sign of the honed voice, sharpened intellect, and versatile skill-set. While the planet of drive circles in the sign of experience, you’re expected to train up, cultivate your talents, and prepare to be of service to a new world order. How can you be of use in 2023?

You’ll be able to catalyze metamorphosis into action in the back half of November, with the advent of Sagittarius season on November 22 and the Sagittarius new moon the following day. For anyone with heavy emphasis on fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius), this is going to be one of those months: full of pain, sacrifice, and rebirth. All that’s lovely, but Sagittarius doesn’t really care. Let the centaur gallop forward and take you with it, and leave all poetry and suffering behind. Go catch some generation nine Pokémon, and forget your mortality for a minute. You almost made it through another year!


From October 28 through December 20, Jupiter takes the briefest of getaways back to Pisces, before resuming its Aries conquest for much of 2023. Come Capricorn season, you’ll be on one, riding a career surge all the way into spring. But for now, you need to tune-up and refocus. Jupiter lights up the Piscean domain of your twelfth house, where dreams, gifts, and blocks must be dredged up. On November 16, Venus, Mercury, and the sun begin their tour of Sagittarius, in your ninth house of expanding horizons. This is the cliff from which you gaze upon the new world and scope out what’s to come. Bring concision and cohesion to your plans, and 2023 will be yours to dominate.


From December 2020 through March 2023, Saturn is in Aquarius, in your tenth house of career, initiating crises to lead you to your highest calling. At 90 degrees from Aquarius are Taurus, representing your intrinsic self, and Scorpio, in your seventh house of others. The eclipse on November 8 in Taurus, and the action from planets in Scorpio, force a reckoning and reconciliation between these three core arenas in your chart. What is your ethos, and how is it reflected or denied by the people in your life? How do you want to be seen? The Blood Moon exposes all: This is a chance to declare who you are and what’s important to you. Whatever changes are made in this critical moment are lasting. Don’t back down now.


From now through mid-January, Mars is retrograde in your home sign. This is Luke Skywalker in Dagobah, or The Bride training with Pai Mei, a time of physical and mental preparation before blasting forward into a new creative cycle in 2023. Scorpio season centers the action in your sixth house of the body and personal limits, and the eclipse, on November 8, hits your twelfth house of mental health. On November 20, the asteroid Vesta, archetype of the high priestess, enters Pisces, in your tenth house of career. You must take the slow and measured actions of a master, and integrate every tool of emotional sobriety at your disposal, during this critical reboot. The payoff will be worth it, if you can wait.


November is a much-needed pause, a chance to look at the big picture and chart your course forward. Jupiter is now back in Pisces in your ninth house of expanding horizons (where do you want to go?); the Taurus eclipse on November 8 lights up your eleventh house of social values (with whom do you belong?); and Sagittarius season launches forward in your sixth house of work and limits (what do you have to offer, and on what terms?). These are not-insignificant questions, which likely can’t be covered in just one month, but come 2023, it’s all hands on deck in your career and relationship life. If ever there was a time to stare pensively at a fire and contemplate your destiny, it’s now.


November’s battle between planets goes down in Scorpio (your fourth house of home), Aquarius (your seventh house of relationships) and Taurus (your tenth house of career). The stakes have never been higher, and, yada yada yada: You’re still in the fight of your life. But what to do while the cosmos plays ball with your purpose? Take the advent of Sagittarius season, in the second half of the month, to embrace creative release. Sagittarius is a beloved fellow fire sign, ruling your fifth house of creative and generative experiences. Do more in that department, at least as a break from all the exhaustive overthinking about your life. Make art, make out, and focus on play. The dust will settle eventually, but until then, you’ll be having too good a time to notice.


As of October 28, Jupiter is back in Pisces, in your seventh house of others. By December 20, the grand planet of wisdom and synthesis will have left the final zodiac sign, initiating a new twelve-year cycle. If there are open ends in any of your relationships, now’s the time to seal them up and get closure. With the asteroid Vesta — the self-sufficient high priestess — entering Pisces on November 20, you’re inspired to affirm your independence, especially when you have to be brave and cut a cord. The launch of Sagittarius season on the 22nd, followed by the new moon in Sagittarius on the 23rd, lights up optimism and possibility in your fourth house of home and rootedness. Rip off the band-aid and end this era for good. You’ll be led forward to new ground almost immediately.


October likely felt like a scorching, with relationship blowouts that could only end in dissolution — or new beginning. But now that you’ve ditched the ditchwater friends, lovers, and collaborators, you’re free to carve a new way forward. November remakes you as a new and infinitely powerful creative sexual vessel. Jupiter is now back in Pisces, for just a month and change, in your sixth house of the body, and the Taurus eclipse on November 8 goes atomic in your eighth house of sexuality. Explore, define, and imbue the physical domain with holiness, and the effects will reverberate into the coming year and far beyond.


We have arrived at the new dawn, long promised through the many metamorphoses of the past few years. With the sun, Venus, and Mercury in Scorpio, and with last month’s eclipse in your home sign sealed and healed, you’re ready to create your new life. November 8 opens a bridge to the future, with a sun-Mercury cazimi in Scorpio on the same day as the full moon total lunar eclipse in Taurus. If you were to name your soulmates — those chosen ones who definitively form your home and your destiny — this is the time. You’ve already turned over your destiny: what’s yours to choose is who belongs there with you. Let the old connections, obligations, and visions fall into the past. That was someone else’s life, anyway.


Mars is officially retrograde in Gemini through mid-January. While this will have plenty of repercussions the world over, you’ll be feeling it personally, as Gemini owns your seventh house of others: how you’re seen, who sees you, and what blind spots they reveal. Consider this retrograde a romantic and social exposé, which blows open your tired relationship dynamics. We’re in for an especially kinetic Sagittarius season, which gets underway with Venus entering the centaur’s domain on the 16th, followed by Mercury (17th), the sun (22nd) and the Sagittarius new moon (22nd). That you’ll be on one should not be denied or discouraged; ride the charge all the way, but consider the Mars retrograde as a means of accountability. Double down on your therapist, recovery sponsor, mother-in-law, or any other trusted figure who can tell you the truth, whether you like it or not. With constructive critical feedback, you’ll be able to gallop faster than ever, and improve your aim along the way.


After the explosive confrontations of October, you’re in for a reprieve. November serves as a useful, meditative checkpoint between battles, like when Buffy visits the First Slayer in the desert, or the girlies regroup with Galadriel in Lothlórien in Fellowship of the Ring. The Taurus eclipse on November 8 opens a gate in your fifth house of creative expression, revealing what you want to make and own and generate. The procession of planets into Sagittarius, starting on the 16th, all move through your twelfth house of creative processing and development. Before Capricorn season roars into action with New Year’s goals and attack plans, you need time to tinker and contemplate what interests you and where you’d like to go next. Be optimistic, be open-minded, and see what calls you forward. With Jupiter in Aries and Taurus in 2023, you’re about to start a new cycle. Why not dream big now?


October’s Scorpio eclipse opened on your tenth house of career, purging away those old grabs for relevance which once comprised your identity. The Taurus eclipse on November 8th beams light into the base of your chart: the fourth house of home and emotional rootedness. In the wake of some promised future emerges a whole and embodied presence, in which your instincts guide you, not your anxieties. Sagittarius season lights up your eleventh house of community: see how the changes of the last few months affect who you’re drawn to and which values you share. This is one of those rare and definitive changes we rarely get to see in life. You’re no longer floating in space, but commanding the captain’s chair from inside the Enterprise. Time to engage.


Let’s f*cking go. As of October 28, Jupiter is back in its home sign Pisces, along with co-ruler Neptune. And on November 20, the asteroid Vesta, archetype of the supreme high priestess, is in repose in her Piscean temple under the sea. If you can tend to yourself as a creative engine, requiring routine, ritual, and occasional tune-ups, you’ll access generative power beyond your wildest dreams. Take the first few weeks as the build-up: Cleanse your palace and get in a constructive daily groove. The back half of the month will be pure fire, with Venus, the sun, and Mercury entering Sagittarius, in your tenth house of career and ambition, as well as a new moon in Sagittarius on November 23. It’s your responsibility to end the year in a spirit of optimism. For once, try not to swim upstream.