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Parker Posey Is Checking Into The White Lotus

The comedy legend is heading to Thailand.

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Parker Posey is tacking another soon-to-be iconic performance to her IMDb with her latest gig: a role in White Lotus Season 3.

Mike White’s critically acclaimed satire has long been the subject of fan castings since Tanya McQuoid (Jennifer Coolidge) met her untimely and very watery demise in Season 2’s Sicilian finale — and Posey is nothing short of pitch-perfect for the anthology. She came up in ‘90s indie cinema with seminal roles in Dazed and Confused and Party Girl, going on to become the crown jewel of director Christopher Guest’s comedies and landing era-defining parts in Josie & The Pussycats and Scream 3.

Posey is joined by a slew of ostensibly wealthy and definitely psychological twisted new characters — played by Jason Isaacs, Michelle Monaghan, Tayme Thapthimthong, and Natasha Rothwell — who will join her at Thailand’s White Lotus outpost for what will likely be an unforgettable (re: traumatic) vacation.

Filming is is slated to begin in and around Koh Samui, Phuket, and Bangkok in February, People reports, and while we may remain clueless to what kind of antics Posey’s character will stir up, we know her track record is stellar.

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