Let Sotce's TikTok Lead You To Enlightenment

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Let Sotce's TikTok Lead You To Enlightenment

The artist and TikTok visionary is tapped into something bigger.

I’ll never forget the first Sotce TikTok that spoke to my soul. In the video, she’s gliding on a bed in slow motion, her eyes hidden by dark sunglasses, like a pop star hounded by the paparazzi, accompanied by the text: “Me at the party looking for the weirdest and creepiest man in the room to talk about my theories.”

Sotce, the 23-year-old artist and sometimes spiritual guide, is a conduit, on and off of TikTok. Her work deals with the serene and divine, the mundane and the flat-out gross, the fleeting and the eternal. “Sometimes I'll be in the club, and I'll see a scarf blowing in the wind, and feel it, and it's like ‘I have to make something right now,’” she tells me as we huddle over a dim sum lunch on a gray March afternoon. “Sometimes I'm looking for it all day. Sometimes I wake up with it.”

Sotce downloaded TikTok for the same reason you probably did: It was a way to f*ck around and pass time during the early days of lockdown. She’d send videos to her younger twin sisters and think nothing more of it — at least until early 2021, when she received a defining subconscious dispatch. “I had a dream that had a certain quality to it,” she says. “And these angels were telling me to make TikToks.”

Almost 400k followers later, the angels had the right idea. On her Patreon, Sotce takes her practice further, sharing more intimate musings like essays, “dating recipes,” and meditations. (A heart opening meditation includes the type succinct description that makes you shiver: “a crack of lightning in a dark field, a quiet sob, a moment of expansion.”) It’s here that she also answers questions from her devotees, hundreds of young girls who seek guidance on their first loves, heartbreaks, and existential woes. And whether it manifests as a personalized answer or a video breaking up with a man she made up in the shower, it’s a responsibility that Sotce doesn’t take lightly.

Much of Sotce’s creative output is imbued with learnings from Buddhist monks and nuns, which, much like her embrace of TikTok, also feels fated; at 19, she was enrolled to study in France when her program canceled, and her only other option was a Buddhist monastery in India where she had to meditate for up to four hours daily. Now, she speaks about the philosophy with the same gentleness of her art: a universal essence that can be found in any good poem or painting, the loveliest thing about you. It’s a muscle that she uses daily – and it’s gotten quite strong.

“I’m very vigilant about who I am and what I'm thinking. A lot of my practice is cutting through the obscurations, cutting through the bullshit. It's like a dirty windshield wiper. You get that clean voice that's not attached or fixated,” she says. “I guess my motivation is to help other people feel that, feel closer to themselves, help other people feel happy, or free from suffering.”

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1. What’s your astrological sign (and do you believe in it)?

Cancer, and I think it's a great reference point. I think it’s 70% accurate.

2. Do you believe in ghosts, (and have you ever seen one)?

I believe in them, but I'm not really interested in them. Either way, I support them, and I don't think I've seen one.

3. What’s your go-to drink order? (And if it's boozy, what’s your go-to hangover cure?)

I really like a Thai iced tea, or ginger tea with lemon and honey. And a hangover cure, I would say eat raw garlic. One clove, maybe two. Chew it, drink hot water, and then sit in the sauna.

4. Who would be the three headliners of the music festival of your dreams?

Oh, this is hard. Lil Wayne, Rema, I guess Grimes. Got to see Grimes.

5. What's the weirdest snack that you make?

I really like frozen peas. I put them in a bowl or a cup with sticky rice, and I'll roll it while I eat it. I like things you can get involved with.

6. What's a bad habit of yours that you've been meaning to fix?

Losing the keys.

7. What was the last internet rabbit hole you went down?

This thing with Hailey Bieber. Oh, my God.

8. Describe your worst date in three words.

Itchy. Dense. Long.

9. What was the last DM you received?

"Please be my secret Sotce. Please."

10. If you could be in any music video, what would it be?

Anything Drake, or another big rapper.

11. What was your first concert, and what are your memories of it?

Oh my gosh. It was this older boy I had a crush on, and it was this band called Jagwar Ma. I didn't listen to them then, don't listen to them now. I lied to my mom about where I was going, and I was like, "Oh my God, I love Jagwar Ma."

12. What was your favorite movie as a kid?

I had these bootleg Disney movies that were cartoons, and I remember the intro to all of them was this rainbow tunnel. And I liked A Bug's Life.

13. What's your favorite meme/internet joke and why?

I saw this the other day, it was a picture of a man's face, and it was like, "I lied. I don't have Disney+. Now take your socks off."

14. What is one thing everyone should buy that is under $10?

A cup. Something to put water in.

15. What piece of clothing from high school do you wish you kept?

I had these jeans that had embroidered cactuses on them, and I think I was embarrassed of them. They were so sweet. I wish I still had them.

16. What is one question you never want to be asked again?

I hate being woken up, or rushed. Like, "Can you come here now?" You know? Or, "I need to talk to you right now. Can I talk to you?" Like, "No."

17. Do you have a go-to sad song?

“Wind Of Change” by Scorpions.

18. What reality show would you most like to appear on?

Love Island or Survivor. I feel like I could mediate.

19. What is your best beauty tip or trick?

Just being kind of wet all the time. Some Vaseline, just sticky. Being snail-like.