Lipstick Vs. Hot Cocoa: Extra Marshmallows Please

We put all your favorite purple shimmery hues up to the test to see which one would stay on our face, and which were left on the mug.

It's hot cocoa season, so you need to know which lip colors will last through your favorite beverage this holiday. We put three purple hues to the test to see which will be stashed in our makeup bags for a night of celebrating and drinking cocoa topped with a pile of toppings. Did your favorite stay on, or was it more of a decoration for the side of the mug?

Watch the video, above, and read the reviews, below, to find out.


Produced by Alexandra Hsie

Shot by Dani Okon and Gretta Wilson

Edited by Gretta Wilson

Sarah Lutkenhaus, Design Director

The lipstick color is a rich violet with a pearlescent sheen. I was surprised at how vibrantly the color transferred with one swipe and retained its sparkle. After an entire cup of hot chocolate, it wore down in the middle into a light purple stain. This would be great for a night of dancing, but maybe not a dessert buffet.

Huda Beauty, Power Bullet Metallic Lipstick in After Party, $21, available at Sephora.

Lindsay Hattrick, Design Assistant

This gloss is a nice, thick, sheer formula that gives a beautiful sparkle to the lips. However, it did not fare well against the hot cocoa and mountain of whipped cream sitting atop. Even just the heat from the cocoa presented a challenge for the lip gloss. I will say, the mess was minimal on both my upper lip area and the mug.

Too Faced, Rich & Dazzling High-Shine Sparkling Lip Gloss in 401K, $21, available at Sephora.

Allison Stubblebine, Editorial Assistant

This lipstick definitely didn't look the same after downing a mug of hot cocoa topped with what seemed like an entire bottle of whipped cream. But, there was still a lovely blue-purple shimmer across my lips, so it wasn't exactly a bad situation.

Ciaté London, Glitter Storm Lipstick in Cosmic, $22, available at Ciaté London.

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