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Naomi Campbell Shares Her Airport Routine, And It’s A Lot

She does this every flight???

Naomi Campbell travels a lot, so, of course, she has her flight routine perfected. The part that's surprising is that, before her plane departs for its destination, Campbell, clad in gloves, makes sure every surface that she may touch—yes, every single one—is wiped down with disinfectant so that she does not get sick. I'm all about taking preventative measures, but this might be too much.

In a new video on her YouTube channel, Campbell invites fans to "come fly with me," and walks them through each and every step of her journey. See if you can keep up! On Campbell's recent trip to Qatar, cameras were on the supermodel as she prepared for her long flight, capturing every moment, including when Campbell told herself to not buy gummies and then did so anyway. A mood!

Once onboard, she digs through her bag for her "hydration pack," face masks, and her gloves. But what I personally did not expect was for those gloves to be made of rubber, and to be used for cleaning purposes. "I do not care what people think of me," Campbell states as she wipes down her seat back, the rear of the seat in front of her, the TV screen, and more using anti-bacterial cleansing wipes. "It's my health, and it makes me feel better."

The woman seated behind Campbell jokingly asks for Campbell to disinfect her seat next. Bold. Instead, Campbell nicely offered to share her wipes before moving onto the rest of her routine and covering her seat with a blanket. "No matter what flight you take, private or commercial, as the plane descends, people start coughing and sneezing. And the coughing and sneezing makes me... I just can't," Campbell shares. While I couldn't agree more that airplanes are just small spaces filled with germs, I don't know how she has the patience to scrub away for so long herself.

Watch her full flight routine below.

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