Photo by Marta Literska


"Love Cycle" Is A Celebratory Ode To Bi Love

Taliwhoah shares her new video with NYLON

R&B artist Taliwhoah is cherishing the perseverance of love in her new video, "Love Cycle." Today, she shares the visuals exclusively via NYLON.

Taliwhoah maintained creative control over this ultra-personal project by self-directing the music video, which she described to NYLON as "the triumph of a 'forbidden' love and going against all the odds to make it happen." It tells the tale of queer love, threatened most by one partner's difficulty in coming out and publicly owning the love she shares.

The song was inspired by the artist's own experience coming out to her family and friends as bisexual; Taliwhoah wanted to put the good and the bad of it all into a song. "I felt it was really important to tell this story, not necessarily to make a political or social statement," she tells NYLON, "but simply because so many of us have had experiences of wanting something for ourselves, only for family values, ties, and traditions to stand in the way of that." But, the main takeaway she wants fans to get from the video? "YOUR HAPPINESS IS YOUR OWN TO CREATE."

Watch the video for "Love Cycle," below.