This Hair Perfume Is Better Than Any Dry Shampoo

Don't sleep on this

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The first time, post-hair-washing, that I spray my hair with dry shampoo, I think, Wow, I love dry shampoo. The second time I do so, I think, I hate dry shampoo. But then I still use it again when trying to extend my wash cycle, because what other options do I have? None, it seemed—until I started cycling Yantra Beauty's Silk Hair & Body Parfum into my hair routine and everything changed.

Whereas dry shampoo is effective at banishing greasiness, but often makes my fine hair feel clumpy and dull, this hair perfume actually manages to make my hair feel soft and fresh and not stringy. Instead of being left with dry shampoo's signature stiff hairdo, my texture is allowed to keep doing its thing, my waves left bouncy for another wash-free day.

As someone with thin, ultra-processed hair, I'd always leaned into dry shampoo as a way to keep my hair looking full and not greasy without having to wash it too often (my green hue doesn't stay bright without a few sacrifices). Usually, any other kind of styling products would add weight to my hair—even when applied right after washing—so even the promise of looking fresher was met with disappointment via the limpest locks ever. But with this lightweight perfume, I'm having my best hair days—fresh and full.

The real seller? No longer do I find myself sitting at my desk or in a stale subway car, realizing just how potent the smell of my own dry shampoo is. There's something so rude about the way a dry shampoo's powdery scent is able to cut through the air, reminding me that, yes, I did drag out this shampoo cycle too far, and everyone around me knows it too. Those days are long gone, and instead, my hair carries with it the gentle smell of citrus and florals. Of the three scents offered by Yantra Beauty, I personally use Vert Flora most often, which has base notes of white musk.

An extra bonus is that Yantra donates 10 percent of its proceeds to charity, and even allows you to choose where your money goes; you can learn more about on the brand's site.

Of course, I'll never be able to entirely ditch my dry shampoo—sometimes, a girl's just gotta go grunge—but adding Silk Hair & Body Parfum into my arsenal has helped keep my hair in my long-sought-out balance between stiff and stringy.

Yantra Beauty, Silk Hair & Body Parfum in Vert Flora, $20, available at Yantra Beauty.

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