Watch Beyoncé’s New Video For ‘Die With You’

it’s called ‘die with you’

by daniel barna

Well, that escalated quickly: Just days after launching his new streaming service Tidal, Jay Z proved that he means business with a little help from Beyoncé. To mark their seventh wedding anniversary, Bey wrote, performed, and released a song called "Die With You." Her first known performance of the piano-laden ballad was captured in the form of an intimate home movie shot by none other than Jay Z himself.  

With lyrics like "I wake up just to sleep with you/I open my eyes so I can see it's you/And I live so I can die with you," it's safe to say that the couple's relationship is stronger than ever. 

And, since the only place to watch this thing is on Tidal, it's pretty clear that Jay Z and his famous friends were serious about that whole "making history" thing. Luckily we have a rip just for you. Watch "Die With You" (before it gets removed) below.