Gaten Matarazzo Of ‘Stranger Things’ Stars In Another Music Video

Thank you, Darren Criss

You know what? The Stranger Things cast is very good at lip-synching. Millie Bobby Brown owned her starring role in Sigma's electric video for "Find Me" back in 2016, and Gaten Matarazzo is on his way to becoming something of a music video star. Not only is he in Katy Perry's "Swish Swish" video, he's also in Computer Games' video for "Lost Boys Life." To quote Ms. Perry, "Another one in the basket."

For Computer Games, Darren Criss' indie alt-pop band, Matarazzo breaks free of his mundane nine-to-five job in search of his passion, which, as we come to find out, is not shaving. (Ouch!) Instead, he finds his way to Computer Games' show after trading his office supplies for a dope guitar. "We’re both huge fans of Stranger Things,” Chuck Criss, Darren's brother, says in a press release. “The song shares many of the same '80s electronica influences that can be heard throughout the series." Darren echoes that and adds that Matarazzo was always going to be the one to star in the video. “We wrote the entire treatment around him," he says.

Prior to this, Matarazzo performed with Darren at Elsie Fest in NYC last year. That's where Matarazzo says they became friends. Now, they're music video mates. Lost boys forever.