Unwrapped: 13 Gifts For That One Emo Friend In Your Life

It’s still not a phase, guys!

Tis officially the season for gift-giving. For us, that’s a full month (31 days!) in which we’ll be providing gift ideas for everyone on your list with our Unwrapped holiday gift guides. So make your holiday shopping a breeze this season, and let us help you find gifts for all the people in your life—and maybe even a spoiled pet or two.

Dear Diary,

Mood: Confused because the holidays are coming up and there's this one person who's incredibly difficult to shop for. It's been quite a year for them with the return of Paramore and The Used and all. It's like they finally feel recognized by the world at large after years of rolling their eyes at each and every '90s-inspired movement began. They're the friend that, you know, darkened their clothes years ago and still strikes a violent pose. They're the one whose business is misery and thinks of fingers when someone mentions salad. They've grown up and shed the MySpace haircut, sure, but deep down they're still emo pop punks at heart. Teenage angst is, after all, forever. What does one even get the person who it wasn't just a phase for?

Look no further, confused reader. The below guide will help. It's going to be okay. (We promise.)

Edward Gorey, The Black Doll Doll, $30, available at The Gorey Store.

What better way to empathize with your friend's apathy than with an amorphous, lifeless doll that is more of a void than anything?

AKG, Noise Canceling Headphones (N60), $124.95, available at Amazon.

Music is your friend's life. They made it known via their constant AIM profile updates and away messages featuring song lyrics; they began their LiveJournal updates with "currently listening to ____"; they had a better band T-shirt collection than anyone else. They've gone from .mp3 players to iPods to iPhones. They may have grown out of their band tees, but music? Never. Might as well give them something that honors the music rather than muffles it.

Deer Dana, Rollins Sticker Sheet, $5, available at Deer Dana.

Everyone knows a Black Flag logo or Misfits skeleton is like the Bat-Signal for emo people. Your friend may already have these, but whatever! They're stickers and you can never have too many stickers. Help them spread the gospel!

PopSocket, Graveboy PopSockets, $15, available at Merchbar.

Hey, dudes! Don't knock these tiny circle phone friends until you try them. There's a design for everyone—yes, even your friend who finds trends to be transgressive to the human free will of self-expression.

Andrew Nickson, MCR 2001-2013 'So Long and Goodnight' A1 poster, $34.47, available on Etsy.

Only true fans will have this hanging in their home. You don't want your friend to be a... poser... would you?

Volcom, Volcom x Schott Jacket, $600, available at Volcom.

You can take your friend out of band tees and artist merch, but you can't take that punk rock attitude out of your friend. Volcom Japan teamed up with Schott for the second time and created a '60s-inspired moto jacket complete with leather sleeves, denim body, and a star pin for extra bad ass points. Give your friend a new home for their enamel pin collection while also giving them the gift of grown-up warmth.

Lipstick Queen, Black Lace Rabbit Lipstick, $24, available at Lipstick Queen; Black Lace Rabbit Blush, $25, available at Lipstick Queen.

Don't let the lipstick and power color scare you or your friend. The brilliance of Lipstick Queen's Black Lace Rabbit collection is how transparent the product actually goes on, providing a romantic sheen that complements whatever skin tone that its applied to.

Dollar Bath Bombs, Classic Sandalwood Bomb, $2, available at Dollar Bath Bombs.

Finally! A bath bomb to match your friend's soul and WON'T stain the tub.

goodDYEyoung, Poser Paste, $17.99, available at goodDYEyoung.

What's vegan, cruelty-free, can provide instant punk vibes, and was created by pop-punk queen Hayley Williams? GoodDYEyoung's Poser Paste, the wash-out hair color that looks permanent until you hit the shower. Those with commitment problems or those who just want to color their hair all the time without damaging it, this stuff is for you.

Paper Source, 2018 Large Slate Leatherette Planner, $14.96, available at Paper Source.

Everyone needs a good planner to stay on top of their to-dos. May as well gift one that complements the inherent emptiness of life and the illusion that is busyness.

Emo Nite, Button Pack, $3, available at Merchbar.

Remember that Volcom Japan x Schott jacket? These buttons would make a perfect stocking stuffer to go with it. Hello, collar envy!

Trust Fund Beauty, Black Heart Nail Polish, $15, available at Trust Fund Beauty.

Black nail polish, but make it fashion.

Disney, The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally's Potion Fragrance Set, $16.90, available at Hot Topic.

Oh, you thought you'd get through an emo gift guide and not see some adultified Nightmare Before Christmas goodies? Think. Again. Who needs Tom Ford when Tim Burton just, you know, gets your friend?