Photographed by MOSES


FLETCHER Will Make You Embrace Youthful Abandon In “Avalanche”

Top down, let’s roll

There's a certain thing that makes a song sound like youthful abandon. Take The Temper Trap's "Sweet Disposition": the driving guitar melody mixed with Dougy Mandagi's soaring falsetto create a soundscape that pulses with liberation, longing, and, well, love. Then there are songs like Zola Jesus' "Dangerous Days," which boasts a rippling synth line that rushes through the verses, before exploding into a bright, shimmery chorus. FLETCHER's latest single, "Avalanche," falls somewhere in the middle of the spectrum but packs a wanderlust punch, nonetheless. 

In FLETCHER's case, a strong percussion ensemble takes the place of synths and lead guitars. Like her debut single, "War Paint," this song is destined to be a summer anthem. It's rich with desire and a knowing confidence. FLETCHER's vocals soar through a range of emotion—each one delivered with a gusto only FLETCHER can muster. "Avalanche" makes the impossible feel possible. You're in for a great listening experience, below.