Photo via Funny or Die


Wait, There’s A Fourth Haim Sister?

My band four, amirite?

Haim is known for being three really cool sisters with really cool attitudes and really cool hair. They also, you know, make really cool music. The three of them are very big deals. With the release of their new album Something to Tell You, coming in early July, the promotional cycle is in full swing, which means more interviews, personal revelations, and insight to their lives.

This newly-released promo, however, is unexpected. Academy Award-winner Brie Larson plays the estranged fourth Haim sister, Frime, in this Funny or Die sketch. Frime is to Haim what Poot is to Demi Lovato. She's been in hiding, but is now ready to join her family. Haim, however, is not. For one, Frime keeps mispronouncing their last name. (It's hi-um, not hime.) For another, it's a brilliant promo for Something to Tell You, even if it is pure fiction. C'mon uniqueness and talent!

Something to Tell You drops July 7. Haim has released "I Want You Back," "Right Now," and "Little Of Your Love" ahead of time for your listening pleasure.