Listen to Kehlani’s New Song “24/7”

Listen to “24/7” here

If you somehow haven't been hit by the force that is Kehlani, we have a feeling that's all about to change. Following her Grammy nomination for Best Contemporary Urban Album for You Should Be Here, the singer released a new single this afternoon. Produced by Toronto's DZL, the song is a sway-inducing track about embracing life's mixed emotions. "You gotta lose you just a little. Lose your cool just a little. I won't charge you a little. Not even a little bit, I know you're fucking sick of it," she sings. "I don’t know nobody who thinks that they’re somebody 24/7. Don’t know nobody who smiles at everybody 24/7."

In an interview with her in our March 2016 issue, the 21-year-old told us, "For my music, I set out with a mission statement that whatever came out of my mouth had some purpose, even if it was a trap song." She also spoke about the importance of writing her own songs. "I feel like I have too much pride," she said. "I’m Grammy-nominated off of my words. But now I feel like I have to be very careful and dissect every song. I can’t start off on a great foot and then let everything go downhill. The pressure is on."

"24/7" is the first single the singer has released since her suicide attempt in March. It's great to hear she's doing well, and we can't wait to hear more new material.