Lauren Mayberry Is In “Misery Business” With Paramore Now

Take it from the top

Paramore season is in full effect. Who could have guessed their triumphant return with last month's After Laughter would lead to one of those tour cycles that keeps getting better and better, with viral moment after viral moment?

We kick off this week in Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland which just so happens to be the country from which CHVRCHES hails. Paramore and CHVRCHES are very good friends. So it was inevitable CHVRCHES' frontwoman, Lauren Mayberry, would make an appearance when Paramore came through. 

Still, though, the rush of being in the audience when a guest performer gets called on stage is thrilling—even when you have a very strong inkling they'd appear. Mayberry hopped on for the finale of Paramore's iconic pop-punk anthem, 2007's "Misery Business." Paramore's lead singer, Hayley Williams, invited a fan to the stage, too, which is basically like getting called on stage to sing "Crazy In Love" with Beyoncé. 

This just one of many times Paramore and CHVRCHES have joined forces. Williams hopped on a special edition of CHVRCHES' song "Bury It," off of the band's 2015 album Every Open Eye. Why there hasn't been a proper joint album is anyone's guess, but hey, like "Misery Business" says, they've both got us where they want us now.