Rihanna’s Grammys Performance Would Have Been F**king Epic, Based On Rehearsal

kiss it better next time.

O Rihanna, Rihanna! Wherefore art thou, Rihanna? After abruptly canceling her Grammys performance this year, the singer has been mum. The reasons for her sudden departure, too, are murky. TMZ first reported that she bounced due to a nasty case of bronchitis; now it's claiming she had a meltdown backstage. Whatever the reason may be, Rihanna didn't perform and now all we're left with is James Corden's inside scoop.

You see, Corden was supposed to introduce Rihanna. The Late Late Show host explained what went down and from the sounds of it, Rih's performance was going to be epic. She was slated to perform "Kiss It Better," one of the most standout tracks from ANTi. With a chorus that harps back to grandiose '80s/'90s R&B, her performance was going be full of fashion from that era. There was also going to be a talk show element that Corden was supposed to play a part in. It sounds like quite the ordeal—something that would take up more stage time than Lady Gaga's seven-minute David Bowie tribute, oddly. Though, we will never know. Ever. Corden echoed the rumor that she was on abrupt vocal leave, but the buzz that she had a meltdown is likely going to trump all, because that's the kind of headlines people click. Regardless, the ANTi World Tour begins in a little less than two weeks. Maybe we will, then, get to experience Rihanna's luxe version of the '80s.