Watch RITUAL’s Sensual New Video For “Cinnamon”

“Cover me in only cinnamon / I don’t care if it burns me”

Music is a vehicle for escape and fantasy. Some tracks take you to places familiar and nostalgic, while others show you a part of yourself you've never known. The most important thing, however, is that you go somewhere during the moments you're listening. With the steady rise of slow-burning, electronic R&B, the opportunity to explore your darker, hedonic side abounds. Artists like The Weeknd, BANKS, and FKA twigs have become pillars of that community, with RITUAL not too far behind.

Today, the London-based trio released the visual component for "Cinnamon," the first track to be lifted from their forthcoming EP Every Night Another But Not You. Sonically, "Cinnamon" envelopes you in its warm synths, hypnotizing you with each pulse and thud. It succeeds in getting you out of your body and curling your toes. The minimalism of it all opens your mind up to a vast expanse of opportunity to, like the song suggests, explore your body and its limits.

This is a dimly lit bedroom song—one that's sinister and sensual. The video for it is equally mysterious and captivating. "The aesthetic of the 'Cinnamon' video was actually something we talked about immediately in the studio on the day we started writing the record," RITUAL told us over email. "Beyond the obvious sensuality, there's a detachment, a kind of Lynchian eeriness to the action in the piece that we love." Indeed, the red light and moody shadows complement RITUAL's already refined and warped take on the genre. Get lost (and lifted) in their world, below.