7 3-Dimensional Nail Art Ideas That Are About To Take Over 2022

Elevate your nails (quite literally).

Over the past few years, nail art has gotten more decorative and our acrylics have only gotten longer. We’ve seen a gradual turn towards more abstract and creative designs as people have been able to visit salons again and are also craving new outlets for creativity and expression. In the realm of earthly designs, we’ve seen crocodile nails and thermal nails having major moments. On the otherworldly side of the spectrum, psychedelic celestial designs have also been trending. Euphoria’s nail artist, Natalie Minerva has even said she’s calling surrealism as the biggest nail design trend of 2022. So with all that in mind, it’s only natural that the next phase is for nails to take up more horizontal space—introducing 3D nail art.

Now, keeping in mind these looks stray from practical towards the more fashion forward and fanciful, the sky is the limit when it comes to creative ideas you can wear on your fingertips. It might be a little harder to grab a credit card out of your wallet, but we all find ways to adjust our lives for trends. From bubbles and baubles to nail jewelry, these three-dimensional designs can instantly (and quite literally) elevate your next manicure. Here are the hottest new design ideas to bring with you to your next salon appointment.

Liquid Chrome Drips

Adding a point of difference to the current metallic nail trend, liquid chrome designs are an easy way to dip your toes (or toenails) into the 3D nail trend pool. The organic-looking drips are look interesting without overpowering the interesting chrome color. Dua Lipa even got them in gold recently.

Puffy Pearls

Although the Met Gala was last year, we’re still thinking about this pearl manicure done by Euphoria nail artist Natalie Minerva. Using pearls to accent your mani over rhinestones gives it a more unique twist.

Bubble Nails

In June 2021, Kylie’s manicure broke the internet. The water droplet or bubble design made these tangerine french tips go viral. Now, consider using the 3D design with any color and watery-seeming finish for your own take on the trend.

Nail “Piercings”

Not for people who use their hands for work, this pierced nail art is slightly impractical, but extremely cool. Consider it hardcore nail accessorizing.

Disco Ball Nails

Megan Thee Stallion is forever giving us manicure inspiration on her Instagram. These beveled sequin french tips are one of our all-time favorites. Or go literal with square metallic tiles to really shine like a disco ball.

Robotic Tips

For the e-girls of the world, why not turn your nails into the inside of a computer? These art deco nails are bound to be a conversation starter. Clear nail extensions give you an easy way to freeze any 3D object into your manicure.

Gummy Candy Mani

Sheer jelly colors are some of the trendiest nail colors of the season. Up the ante on the look by making your nails look as sweet and mouthwatering as actual candies.