Photograph: Shanelle Infante


GovBall 2021 Brought Back Festival Beauty

Space buns still reign supreme.

Music festivals and concerts might be looking very different this year (and unfortunately some aren’t even happening at all), but it hasn’t stopped our craving for the fun creative world of festival hair and makeup. It’s the venue where people can really let their freak flag fly, so to speak. With the spirit of experimentation, fun, and music in the air, people feel the most empowered to try a hair or makeup style they maybe wouldn’t try in their regular walking life. Looks that are deemed too much for the office or a wedding truly thrive in the music festival scene.

While we wait expectantly for all of live music to pick back up, we can at least indulge in the best music festival beauty looks that the 2021 Governors Ball had to offer. The event that ran from September 24 through the 26 produced three days of awesome beauty inspiration, including all of the greatest hits. Space Buns! Hair Charms! Face Jewels! And more! This season we saw some more nostalgic styling and nods to the Y2K era, as has been a major 2021 trend, but even with a different spin on some “classic” looks, it’s clear: Festival beauty is back, baby. For concertgoers who didn’t have the foresight to attempt a cool hair style before arriving at the event, exclusive beauty sponsor of the festival, OGX had them covered with their hairstyling activation: I LOVE MY HAIR FEST.

Read on for the hottest festival hair and makeup styles from the 2021 GovBall. Bonus points to everyone who wore multiple trends at once.

Space Buns

A style that combines the practicality of keeping your hair off of your face and neck with the cuteness of Mickey Mouse ears, space buns really have it all. When headliner of the 2021 Governors Ball Billie Eilish is rocking the hairdo, you know it’s a main player in the festival beauty game.

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Hair Charms

Your hair can be another piece of real estate on your body to accessorize. Gold rings and sweet charms add a special touch to easy styles like braids and twists. We love these adorable butterflies and stars.

Hair by OGX Photograph: Shanelle Infante
Hair by OGXPhotograph: Shanelle Infante

Eye Jewels

Rhinestones and glitter have had a hold on everyone since Euphoria came out in 2019. (We’re still waiting on that second season.) Whether you style crystals in precise eyeliner formation or scatter sparkle haphazardly on your face, you can’t go wrong with making eye jewels the centerpiece of your festival beauty look.

Bubble Ponytails

Another style that turns up time and again on the festival scene is the bubble ponytail. While it works easiest on longer hair lengths anyone can wear this style by adjusting the size of the “bubbles” by using smaller elastics and placing them closer together.

Abundant Curls

Styling natural hair to its fullest, curliest diameter is both glamorous and laid back. There’s no need to worry about your look coming apart after hours of dancing. Consider it all the better for letting loose while listening to your favorite acts.

Half-up Pigtails

An ode to the girl group era of the early 2000s, half up pigtails are experiencing a major moment in 2021. Whether you use the style to get the hair off of your face, or pair them with another throwback trend, face framing tendrils, they look a little bit sweet, a little bit saucy.

Dramatic Cat Eyes

No matter how hard you try, most makeup tends to break down after a few hours of sweating in the hot sun, dancing, talking, and consuming beverages. But a truly waterproof black eyeliner can put up with the elements and ensure you’re still sporting a look at the end of a long day.