Billie Eilish
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Billie Eilish’s Wore A Rare Updo With a ‘90s Twist

She paired it with some seriously cool earrings.

When it comes to the world of beauty, '90s inspired looks continue to trend. Billie EIlish is the latest celeb taking her styling cues from a decade filled with experiments in makeup and hair, and early on Thursday, September 24, morning, she shared a selfie of her #TBT updo.

Although butterfly clips and Lip Smackers weren't a featured part of the routine, Eilish looked to be inspired by the inclusion of wispy bangs. Starring in a short Instagram Story video, she posed with her hair pulled up. For a true '90s take on the trend, she wore two wispy, small pieces of fringe, which dangled over her eyes.

It's a style familiar to those catching up on the newest season of Pen15, and Eilish kept the look somewhat modern with her signature slime green hair. The video, filmed in a room lit only by dark and blue lights, didn't quite capture what the rest of her hair looked like, but it appears as if the updo was pulled back high enough so that her remaining hair could lay easily atop her head. The updo was somewhat of a rare styling moment for the performer, as she's often been spotted with her hair down or in two separate ponytails.

With her hair up and out of the way, Eilish kept the focus on her impressive dangling earnings. The all-black accessory featured two serpents, and she paired the jewelry with a dainty necklace.

Eilish did try something new with the updo, but don't expect to see her changing up hair colors anytime soon. In an Instagram Story that was posted just days prior, the musician posted a teaser image that was taken mid-dye job. She later gave fans a full look, joking that many thought she was trying something new. Alas, it the slime green is here to stay, at least for now.

Take some inspiration for your next updo via the photo, below.

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