Brow Liner Is The New Artsy Makeup Trend Taking Over TikTok

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Eyebrow shapes are constantly undergoing a shift along with cultural change. Where once brushed-up and bushy brows reigned supreme, current trends are dictating our eyebrows to be thinner, shaved off, or even bleached into invisibility. This in large part is due to the current Y2K trend renaissance, which has brought with it the drawn-on eyebrow look seen by the likes of Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani in the ’90s and 2000s. Now, drawn-on eyebrows have been elevated to the next level, with eyebrow line art hitting the social media scene. Enter: brow liner.

If you follow Doja Cat on TikTok or Instagram, you’ll know the singer has switched up her usual love of experimenting with hairstyles and hair color in favor of a fresh buzzcut and shaved brows. But the rapper, who often posts her makeup looks on Instagram, has a new obsession with drawing on her brows in colorful and creative ways. Since shaving her eyebrows off on Instagram live, Doja is now taking the new real estate on her forehead as a way to experiment with even more with makeup. The star is even inspiring a new wave of eyebrow line artists online.

Of course, thin and drawn-on eyebrows have been rocked by BIPOC communities since long before the current trend, with makeup artists like @urgalsal_ and celebrities like Jazzelle Zanaughtti (better known by her Instagram handle @uglyworldwide) experimenting with different designs for years. Drag artists like Bo Quinn are also known for their thin, experimental eyebrows shapes and colors.

People have recently taken to TikTok filters to “try on” thin eyebrows for themselves, with some also venturing into the highly-skilled territory of eyebrow line art. “miss @Doja Cat got me thinking..” wrote one TikTok creator before drawing a green cut-out heart in her eyebrows for a now-viral video. TikTok beauty creator @khayamhleli calls the designs “eyebrow liner,” posting a flowery Doja Cat-inspired design with the caption “help I can’t stop blocking my brows.”

With makeup artists like Rowi Singh creating 3D pearly heart eyebrows and Doja giving us a nearly daily source of eyebrow art inspiration, eyebrows are finally getting the moment in the beauty world that they deserve. If you’re tempted to hop on the trend, there are also ways to take part without making the full commitment of shaving or bleaching away your eyebrows entirely. Artists like @khayamhleli block out their brows with concealer before adding the designs. Whatever way you do it, there are truly no rules anymore when it comes to your brows.

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