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Cardi B’s Shortest Nails Yet Are Still Completely Over The Top

She admitted to hating the length.

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Cardi B is temporarily ditching one signature aspect of her beauty routine. There's been few occasions in which the rapper has gone without a lengthy, colorful manicure — however, she's decided to make a change, telling Instagram followers that she's swapping out her long nails for shorter ones.

Despite her hatred for the temporary change in length, Cardi B shared the very good reason behind her new look. "Short till my nails get some strength," she captioned a photo of her current manicure. "I hate short nails but @nailson7th said this will do."

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Her nail technician, Jenny Bui, confirmed that she had given Cardi B some guidance on her future manicures, saying, "Its been ages that @iamcardib has done short nails. Well I told her she has to let her nail rest." Both then shared a look at the rapper's current manicure, which comes with lots of sparkle. Each of her nails is heavily adorned in colorful crystals, and while some of the bling is shaped like diamonds, other sparkle is circular-shaped in nature.

Fans will have to wait and see how much longer the short nails stick around, but for those hoping to improve their own nail health, you may want to take a cue from Cardi. Gel manicures have been known to cause nail thinning, peeling, and brittleness, the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) advises. In order to prevent continued nail damage, AAD suggests taking a break between polish applications, and recommends the use of nail moisturizing products to protect your nails and cuticles. Previously, experts from Essie, Olive & June, and JINSoon told NYLON that nails can use an occasional break from products that might cause drying, and that you should take a break between manicures, but ultimately that decision comes down to the shape of your nails.

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