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Demi Lovato and Lucy Hale Got Their Ears Pierced Together

See and shop their dainty new earrings.

Forget signifying your bestie status with heart-shaped necklaces. Demi Lovato and Lucy Hale took friendship to the next level, unveiling joint piercings, which occurred during a private piercing session.

Popular piercer, Daniel Ruiz, who also goes by Dr. Prick, gave Instagram followers a behind the scenes look at his time with Hale and Lovato. The pair both got dainty new piercings, wearing jewelry from EF Collection. Lovato chose two clashing earrings — a star and a moon — while Hale went with a diamond flat piercing, Bustle reports.

Sharing videos on their Instagram Story from the piercing process, both Hale and Lovato audibly reacted when the needle was inserted. The two later posted for a post-piercing selfie, holding their ears close to one another. Hale's newest earring addition joins an already stacked collection of ear jewelry, while Lovato appears to only have two lobe piercings.

Later that night, Lovato went back on Instagram, revealing that she had temporarily lost the new piercing while sleeping, Hello Giggle reports. Luckily, she returned moments later, confirming that she found the missing earring, and had already placed it back in her ear. "Say a prayer it doesn't get infected," she captioned a now expired Story post.

For those new to the piercing process, experts previously advised NYLON that is common to experience some irritation following a piercing. However, if the sight of your piercing begins to turn green or yellow, or you notice an unusual odor, it's best to speak with a healthcare professional, as the hole might be infected. In order to prevent infection, it's important follow any post-piercing care tips from your piercer.

Body modifications aren't anything new for Lovato. She's previously shared photos of her many tattoos, and earlier in September, she was spotted with a delicate butterfly tattoo, which some fans theorized was a hint at possible new music.