Elle Fanning
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Elle Fanning Used Blue Mascara On Her Brows For Her Latest Quarantine Beauty Experiment

Following her pink hair and lipstick-as-eyeshadow moments.

After dying her hair pink and finding a new use for lipstick, Elle Fanning got creative in quarantine again, using mascara on her brows. On Wednesday, May 6, she shared an afternoon selfie that featured her donning blue eyebrows. She paired the colorful choice in brows with an equally bold eye look.

Posing for three photos, Fanning showcased the way she outlined her brows with color, writing, "@lorealparis mascara doesn’t have to be for eyelashes only." In addition to the inventive use of mascara, she had some fun with her eye makeup, swathing her lids in a shade of violet-tinged pink. She lined the bottom of her lids with red liner and finished off the look with green mascara.

As for the rest of her face, Fanning kept her lips free of color and she pulled her back into an updo. And while she didn't reveal the exact L'Oreal Paris product she used, it's likely that she relied on this shade of cobalt blue.

Prior to her latest social distancing selfie, Fanning said she was "getting creative" with her makeup. A selfie posted on April 29 had the star wearing red lipstick on her lips and her eyes. The look caught the attention of many of her famous followers and her latest beauty experiment attracted similar adoration. January Jones applauded the mascara creativity, writing, "Ooohhh that’s a good idea," while one fan commented, "That looks beautiful."

Fanning might be working on her makeup routines, but her once pink hair has faded. Back in March, she revealed a pastel pink dye job, which matched a Strawberry Shortcake sticker on her phone.

The bright and bold look is posted for you to study and copy, below.