Glossier and Starface Are Teaming Up For Maximum Cuteness

The fan favorite brands are coming together to drop a limited-edition pimple patch collaboration.

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If you’re hesitant to wear pimple patches out of the house, just know that Nicola Peltz Beckham and Rose from Blackpink have already shared that they, too, get breakouts and use cute star stickers to cover them in public. In fact, over the past couple of years, acne treatments have gone from something to hide and camouflage to a must-have beauty item to show off. Largely to thank for this phenomenon is the cult-favorite skincare brand, Starface, which was one of the first brands to make pimple patches fun to wear with the use of fun colors, seasonal shapes, and even Hello Kitty.

Starface has has all kinds of collabs since the brand first came onto the scene in 2019. Just earlier this year they released Hydro-Star + Tea Tree stickers with Pink Pantheress as the (star-covered) face of the campaign. Now, the brand has teamed up with Glossier for their first-ever collaboration with another beauty brand. Together the fan favorite brands have co-created limited-edition collection of cute and collectible pimple patches in Glossier’s signature millennial pink packaging. The patches—made with 100% hydrocolloid—feature seven highly requested, nostalgic designs from Glossier’s original sticker sheets.

Glossier x Starface

Starface had teased the news over the weekend with Instagram posts saying “I think pink is my color”. Fans of both brands had already guessed the collab in the comments. All will be pleased to know that the limited-edition collection, which includes a pink, mirrored compact filled with 32 patches ($19) and a separate refill pack ($15), will be available to shop Dec. 5 on both Starface and Glossier’s websites.

“With this collaboration, the two cult-favorite skincare brands came together to reimagine Glossier’s iconic sticker sheets as pimple patches with Starface’s award-winning hydrocolloid formula,” Starface shared in a press release. “These playful and nostalgic patches are designed to add a little fun to your routine.”

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