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Halsey Finally Tattooed Her Shaved Head

The singer debuted two new tattoos on Instagram.

The whirlwind week of beauty experiments continued for Halsey. After previously surprising TikTok followers with the debut of a newly shaved head, the pop star revealed that she recently got two new tattoos.

It was apparently a busy weekend for the star, as she shared a peek at her new ink with Instagram followers on Sunday, Oct. 25. Posting on her story, Halsey started with a look at her arm tattoo. For the ink, which was completed by tattoo artist Noah Lee, Halsey added a character and quote from Bjenny Montero to her arm.

Later that day, she posted her second tattoo, announcing that she "finally did it." As for her inked accomplishment, Halsey posed for a photograph of the side of her head. The already shaved area was shaved down even further, allowing for the addition of a sparkly emoji tattoo to the surface of her head.

The tattoos come after Halsey decided to ditch her long hair for a serious shave. She explained her choice in hair on Twitter, telling a fan, "I was growing it out for so long and I told myself I wouldn’t shave it till I saw what it was like healthy and long and then I saw it healthy and long and said 'mm this is nice but I miss bald.' and then so I did it!"

There's no word on what inspired her latest tattoos, but this isn't her first trip to the tattoo parlor in 2020. In July, she debuted a tribute knuckle tattoo for her friend, Juicewrld, and she has an estimated collection of more than 30 total tattoos.

Below, see her newest ink.

Courtesy of Halsey Instagram
Courtesy of Halsey Instagram