Kaia Gerber’s Priscilla Presley Halloween Glam Was Spot On

She made her relationship with Euphoria's Jacob Elordi official.

Hollywood celebs truly went all out for Halloween 2020, including this year's newest it couple, Kaia Gerber and Jacob Elordi. While some stars opted for costumes inspired by modern-day events and memes, Gerber and Elordi threw it back to the '70s, taking a costumed cue from Elvis and Priscilla Presley.

For the costume, created with the help of makeup artist, Sam Visser and hairstylist, Charlie Le Mindu, the two chose to recreate a photograph of the Presley couple from the '70s, Visser told Vogue. “Kaia had sent me the idea, as there was a specific photo of Priscilla and Elvis that they wanted to recreate,” the makeup artist shared.

Breaking down Gerber's beauty routine for Vogue, Visser shared that he took a lot of inspiration from Presley's own makeup routine. Along with the use of a lavender-grayish eyeshadow and matching lipstick, the two collaborated on an eyeliner look. "We wanted to do a variation of her famous eyeliner. We settled on this one eyeliner look of her in a car where she has a pale cream eyeliner on the inner rim of her eye and a dark black line underneath her lower lash line and upper lash line. It was dramatic and still sexy," he said.

As for Gerber's hair, Le Mindu said that he used a drag technique to backcomb the hair and create a bouffant effect. “I only used natural products, as her bouffant needed to move and to keep some softness in the hair. The handmade lace front was a must to achieve that look," he said.

Elordi's glam routine included the addition of sideburns, Le Mindu said. “For me, the most important thing was the match. I need to keep the sexy feeling, but not make it too extreme. It was easy, as they are such a beautiful couple anyway. But I married both their hairstyles with a shine, so it looked like both of them had a matching shimmer," the hairstylist told Vogue.

Her temporary stint as Presley isn't the first time that Gerber has taken a beauty inspiration from a rockstar. More than a year ago, she chopped off most of her hair, confessing that the shorter style was inspired by Kurt Cobain.