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Kaia Gerber Dyed Her Hair Pink At Home

The model acted as her own hair colorist — with a little virtual help.

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Kaia Gerber has embraced her inner-punk. Only days after she debuted bright, platinum blonde hair, and the model has changed up her look again. This time, she decided to have a little fun with creative coloring, and decided to add a pink ombré effect to her once blonde hair.

Unveiling her candy-colored hair via Instagram on Tuesday, August 18, the model proclaimed, "pink is punk." For the grand pink reveal, she matched her hair to a light pink shade of matte lip coloring. And as her Instagram caption explained, she was able to complete the dye process with the virtual video assistance of hair icon Guido Palau.

Capturing the complete coloring process for Instagram, Gerber confessed that she's been purposeful in making changes to her hair, beginning with a short Kurt Cobain-inspired chop that she got more than a year ago. "I’ve always loved people who just like, do whatever they want with their hair," she said. "Slowly, every year, I take another step.”

In the video, Gerber said that she's long wanted pink hair, but the timing was never right. As of late, the model has continued to switch up her looks, using this period of social distancing to try a previous DIY dye job and blonde hair. She's following in the beauty footsteps of countless other celebs trying out new colors and cuts, including Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, and Ashley Benson.

Condensing her complete dye process into a seven-minute clip, Gerber expresses her excitement at the end result. "I can't believe I have pink hair," she says, admiring the new color. Before you get too excited about Gerber's last color, know that she may have more planned for the future. In the video, she explains that she's using this time of social distancing to experiment with her look, and while it seems that Gerber and her Instagram followers are in love with the pink, there's no telling what the model's hair future may hold, especially with a new season of styles ahead.

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