Kesha Tried Out Butt Masks For Her Latest YouTube Beauty Tutorial

"I’m, like, butt mask lady.”

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Kesha, pop star turned YouTube influencer, has returned with the latest installment in her "Beauty and Bullsh*t" series. Beginning her tenure as the next great YouTube MUA, Kesha had shared in a Zoom makeup tutorial, and for her return, she's participated in a YouTuber influence right of passage — the unboxing video.

For those unaware, the art of unboxing requires opening up your newest skincare and beauty goodies for the world to see. In her video, which is appropriately titled "Kesha unboxing stuff," the singer shares a peek at some of the items she'll be adding to her beauty shelf, and she details which are a personal favorite.

Along with offering advice on retinol and reminding viewers at home that sunscreen is always important, Kesha shares her skincare essential. Forget the typical face masks, because Kesha shares her adoration for the butt mask. Declaring it "one of the most important areas of your body," she goes on to unbox an extensive collection of butt masks from Bawdy Beauty.

Admitting that she started quarantine being "bored out of my f*cking mind," she shares that she's found solace in butt masks. "What about my butt, though," she asks. "My butt deserves love, so I found these butt masks and now it’s kind of my thing. I’m, like, butt mask lady.”

She shows off the brand's core lineup, including two stick formulas — the CBD Butt Balm and the Clay Butt Mask — as well as more traditional sheet masks, each designed to address specific concerns, like hydrating and toning.

For those new to the art of butt masks, Kesha offers her advice for the process, suggesting that you get someone else to put the mask on while you're laying down. She says that she's roped in her boyfriend, even though he "hates" helping.

Watch Kesha discuss butts, face masks, and more, below.

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