Photo by David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images


Lizzo Debuted Green Hair With A Matching Manicure

"When they say ‘ima star’ this is what they mean"

For her latest Instagram beauty routine, Lizzo took her inspiration from the heavens. On Tuesday, July 21, Lizzo debuted an all new look that featured a lot of stars and a lot of green — from her hair to her nails. Sharing the colorful choice of makeup with her followers, she fully embraced her star status, writing, "When they say ‘ima star’ this is what they mean."

The look started with a change in hair color, as her previously dark brown hair was replaced with a bright, deep shade of green. Taking a cue from her new color, Lizzo outfitted sharp black eye wings with green eyeshadow, and her nails featured a shade of polish from the blue-green color family. Her lips, although not green, also got in on the fun with the addition of a coat of pink gloss. According to her Instagram tags, she worked on this routine with hairstylist Shelby Swain, makeup artist Alexx Mayo, and nail artist Eri Ishizu.

To top it off, Lizzo went topless, and instead covered her body in stars. She added to the spacy theme with star earrings and nail art that included a smattering of gold stars.

Lizzo later took to TikTok to have some fun with the makeover. Sharing further looks at her hair and makeup with followers, her first clip featured a quick transition from no makeup to the starry new routine. A later video had her ditching the stars and glam for a dance in her green hair.

There's no word on what inspired Lizzo to go completely out of this world with her beauty and makeup, but this wasn't the first time she's looked downright magical. Earlier this year, she arrived at the 2020 Brit Awards in an all chocolate-inspired look, complete with a sweetly scented manicure, and she had previously gone with purple hair and neon eye makeup in 2019.